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Donda 2 Listening Party Will Not be Streamed Online, Here’s Where to Find IMAX Tickets

American songwriter and rapper Kanye West’s Donda is all set to release on 22nd February 2022, on a palindrom date indeed. Although Donda was set to release on the 22nd, news related to it has been airing for months. Recently, West, 44 revealed that his album will only be available on Stem Player. West cut all the ties from Youtube, Spotify, and iTunes to release his own player.

Another big news came along with the release of Donda 2. Fans will not be able to broadcast the Donda 2 listening party online. This is because the IMAX tickets for the event go on sale. While the cost differs on the location, everyone has been looking forward to the latest release.

Fans have been anticipating Kanye’s Donda 2 listening party since he disclosed it. But there will be no online streaming. As a result of giant platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and others taking a large amount of the artist’s profit, Kanye just announced his own player for his future album.

Kanye when announced regarding the stem player said, he is doing so to free the music from the reign of such platforms. This platform exploits the music and gives only a few shares to the artist. This is incurring a huge loss to the music artists as a whole. Talking about the platform and price for the tickets, the details can be checked herein.

How to Purchase IMAX Tickets?

Unfortunately, the listening party will not be held in all IMAX theaters. Fandango is where you can get your tickets. If one is wishing to buy a Donda ticket online, he/she has to follow certain steps. To purchase the ticket click here. This will direct you to the Fandango site. Then check the availability of IMAX tickets in your area. The purchase of the ticket of the officially dubbed “IMAX Presents Kanye West: Donda Experience Performance 2 22 22.”

Further talking about the number of tickets one can book. As per reports customers are allowed to book only nine tickets per transaction. If one wishes to book more than that, another transaction must be initiated. Both the in-person gathering in Miami and the IMAX experience will serve as listening parties for the project. A limited number of IMAX theaters will be accessible in 15 different cities.

Additionally, the price per ticket is considered to be average. The pricing will also depend on the type of ticket you will book. For instance, the ticket price for the streaming in Miami is amounted to be $85. On the other hand, the cost of an IMAX Donda 2 seat is stated on Fandango as $30. The price of the album at stem player is $200. Lastly, Kanye has also revealed the tracklist which includes-

1. “Security”
2. “Lift Me Up”
3. “Get Lost”
4. “Pablo”
5. “True Love”
6. “Keep It Burnin’”
7. “Broken Road”
8. “I’m Finna Love Me”
9. “Sci-Fi”
10. “We Did It Kid”
11. “Flowers”
12. “Maintenance”
13. “530”
14. “Mr. Miyagi”
15. “Selfish”
16. “First Time”
17. “Louie Bags”
18. “Candyland”
19. “Closed for Business”
20. “Do I Look Happy?”
21. “Things Change”



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