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Donald Trump Sells WWE RAW Back To Vince McMahon

donald trump One week after buying WWE RAW, Donald Trump has flipped his investment. The highlight of the commercial-free WWE RAW saw Vince McMahon buy back RAW from Donald Trump for double the price. Do people really get paid six-figures to write this stuff?

One week ago Trump purchased WWE RAW in a storyline. The storyline was reported as fact by media outlets all over the world. It got so nuts that the SEC is thinking about investigating Vince McMahon. And you wonder how Bernie Madoff got away with his ponzi scheme?

The conclusion to this one-week storyline was quite anti-climactic. To me, it shows a complete lack of creativity. Think about it. The big storyline is Trump buys RAW and sells it back a week later. Will that sell any pay-per-views? It may have drawn ratings, but what does that matter if you aren’t taking ads on RAW anyway?

The reaction I have gotten from wrestling fans is disappointment. Honestly, it is a common theme that WWE fans have had to live with. The WWE has disappointed fans just about every time they tease a big angle or surprise the last few years. Would it kill them for just one time to give the fans something that they can sink their teeth into?

The whole angle in itself hurts the company’s biggest storyline. Vince McMahon came off as a total heel here. The problem is that the top angle in the company pits Triple H as the babyface avenging the McMahon family against the top heel Randy Orton. Do you want to know why Triple H is less over since doing this angle? This is exactly why.

The disappointment ended there, but it began earlier. Triple H and Randy Orton wrestled in a highly publicized Last Man Standing Match. The match seemed to drag at times and the live fans didn’t seem overly excited. The finish of the match saw neither man able to answer a 10-count. The result was a disappointing draw.

It was truly an odd moment later in the night when Vince confronted Randy Orton. Seconds earlier Vince went nuts in the ring and played total heel. Now, Vince was getting in the face of Randy Orton. The casual wrestling fan has to be really confused at this point. Who exactly are you cheering for here? Did Vince Russo start writing for the WWE again?

The show was not a total disaster. John Cena called out The Miz early in the show. The two had a confrontation in the ring. Cena announced that the two would wrestle at the WWE Bash. The Miz was very entertaining in this segment. It is bitter sweet when the most entertaining moment of the show occurs 15 minutes in. The rest of the show was a mixed bag to say the least.

After all is said and done, I have no idea what was accomplished on WWE RAW last night. After all of this emphasis on Vince and Trump, it ended in a week with no payoff. If this is what the WWE thinks will get their fans back, we are in for a long summer.

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