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Donald Trump Makes the List of Most Controversial WWE Hall of Famers

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We’ve seen many enshrined since Andre the Giant. Most inductees were thrilled, though some were defiant. Many choices were obvious, the intentions were pure. While other selections…left some fans unsure.

There are a few choices who some thought were poor.

So let’s take look at this list of four;

  1. Donald Trump– Forget about WWE, Trump might be the most controversial person currently residing on planet Earth. However, some may not realize, before he was campaigning to “Make America Great Again”, he was involved in a WrestleMania 23 feud with WWE owner Vince McMahon. He also has the distinction of being the only U.S. President to be hit with a Stone Cold Stunner, the signature move of fellow Hall of Famer Steve Austin. His multiple appearances on WWE television resulted in his induction into the hall. Normally, a sitting president would be a no-brainer Hall of Fame choice for the WWE celebrity wing. However, the commander-in-chief has been heavily criticized, in some circles, for comments regarding women and his controversial stance on issues like immigration. While his anti-establishment message was able to propel him to the nation’s highest office, his inauguration launched a string of protests nationwide. In fact, there was even an online petition to attempt to get him removed from the Hall. While Trump does have his detractors, he also had the support of nearly have the nation on Election Day. Moreover, appointing Linda McMahon to his cabinet makes his potential removal extremely unlikely. As the sitting President of The United States, Trump remains one of the most visible and controversial members of WWE Hall of Fame.

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  1. Hulk Hogan- Though he has technically been removed from the WWE website. Hogan was a long time member of the Hall of Fame and is arguably the most recognizable name in professional wrestling. An unauthorized sex tape was released, which featured Hogan using racial slurs. Hogan did make a public apology for his remarks. However, WWE opted to remove him from the Hall of Fame page on their official website. The former face of the company, who was once idolized by millions, is now seldom mentioned on any WWE programming, as a result of his disparaging remarks. Will (or should) the general public and WWE ever allow Hogan back in their good graces? Only time will tell.
  1. Sunny- The former Bodydonna has fallen on hard times in recent years. Sunny had a memorable run with the WWE in the late 90’s and is often cited at the original WWE Diva. In fact, she was even AOL’s most downloaded woman of the year, in 1996. These accolades earned Sunny a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame back in 2011. However, since that time she has been arrested on multiple occasions for DUI related offenses and violating parole. Moreover, her feature role in a pornographic film probably didn’t help relations with WWE, who prides itself on being PG rated entertainment. One might reasonably assume another run in with the law could lead to Sunny’s removal from the hall.
  1. Koko B. Ware- With Ware the controversy centers more around merit, as opposed to anything he did outside the ring. Ware spent a portion of his career as a mid-card talent, who was often used to put more established stars over. Near the end of his run in WWE, he was primarily utilized as an enchantment act (jobber). While mid-card and enhancement talent are a valuable resource to a wrestling company, it still begs the question as to where the line is drawn in regards to Hall of Fame worthiness. To give you baseball analogy, Ware’s credentials would be roughly equivalent to a baseball player with a career batting average of .245 and 66 homers. However, The Birdman did have an eight year run in WWE and it doesn’t appear he ruffled any feathers. The Birdman character has fun and somewhat memorable. Hey…Drew Carey’s in the Hall of Fame, so there’s always that argument.

Who do you think is the most controversial WWE Hall of Famer?

Let me know in the comments section or hit me up on twitter @goodeals79 .

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