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Donald Trump Claims He Made the Queen Smile More Than Other Leaders

As true-crime programming continues to grow as a genre, it’s worth asking yourself this question: “Do I want anyone to know about this about me if I don’t mention it to me?” You may not find talk show hosts or criminal justice experts holding back from asking tough questions in face-to-face interviews. If you’ve killed your best friend, you don’t show up to their funeral saying, “I didn’t kill her”. But some people are built differently, like former US President, Donald Trump. Trump has said some of the amazingly ridiculous things you’ll ever hear in your life. Today, He’s making the headlines for a similar situation. The former president said Queen Elizabeth II smiled more with him than other state members present at the dinner. Here’s everything you should know. 

Donald Trump Says He Made the Queen Smile More Than Others

An exclusive update for Piers Morgan’s upcoming talk show features an interview with the former president of America, Donald Trump. Donald Trump spoke about a lot of things that should be considered for a table talk in the future but the high highlights of his interview with Piers Morgan reflect the part where Donald Trump talks about how he made Queen Elizabeth smile more than other state members at the grand dinner. 

The former president in an exclusive opening interview for Piers Morgan’s talk show on April 25th said that he was only supposed to meet Queen Elizabeth, the British monarch for only 20 minutes but the conversation went on for more than an hour. He quotes, “We talked the whole night”. The reason Queen Elizabeth showed little interest in Trump is that he fueled the already heated criticism of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He passed comments regarding their marriage and speculations that it would end badly. 

Donald Trump on the Piers Morgan’s Talk Show

The British Journalist and Broadcaster is all set to launch his upcoming talk show, “Uncensored” which strengths itself for revealing controversial talks. Sparking its first light with the man who lives for such stuff, Donald Trump debuts on the Morgan show passing comments that would thrive people. 

He talks about meeting Queen Elizabeth and adds that the meeting was supposed to be quick catchup but instead it stretched for more than an hour and the British monarch liked him. He emphasized he knew she liked him. He described it as Beautiful. 

Donald Trump Attacks Meghan Markle on Piers Morgan’s Talk Show

Apart from making the Queen like him, Trump also took digs at Meghan Markle and alleges that Meghan is picking Prince Harry “by his nose”. As per various reports, Trump has passed comments saying that Harry and Meghan’s Royal marriage is a ticking time bomb and it will soon blow up once Prince realizes that he has had enough of being bossed around. The upcoming Piers Morgan talk show, “Uncensored” is said to release on April 28th. 



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