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Dolph Ziggler Booking Options If He Doesn’t Walk Out Of Summerslam As Heavyweight Champion

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Dolph Ziggler’s time as a main event star may be short-lived. The fact he is in the main event of SummerSlam against the current WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose is a bit of a shock to many of us who follow the business. Don’t misunderstand me here – I am excited that Ziggler is once again getting a chance to shine as a main event star, but I do not see this as a permanent move. For everything he is – which is a multiple champion in WWE, his fame is fleeting as far I can see and even the rumors of a heel turn cannot convince me he will headline many more pay-per-view events this year.


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I think everyone would agree that should Ziggler win the company title at SummerSlam, it would be one of the bigger news stories of the year. And should that happen, it has to be for specific reason. How about a chance for John Cena to claim the 16th world title of his career – tying Ric Flair’s record that has stood the test of time?

The way WWE has booked Smackdown Live, there is a lot of wiggle room regarding the brand’s top prize. Ambrose is a huge fan favorite and a program between him and Cena would be huge – but I don’t see it happening that way after the pay-per-view. Ziggler is the perfect go-between champion to give Cena a shot at claiming immortality. Even if Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan love the idea of Ambrose as the face of Tuesday nights and Ziggler has been given a key to another shot at greatness, Cena still has to factor in the title picture somewhere.

Judging by the current rosters of both brands, Raw is winning this war with better talent and better storylines. The AJ Styles-Cena clash will more than likely end the feud once and for all. Styles will move on to another show-stopping program (Ambrose) while Cena will need a new dance partner.

Bray Wyatt has been rumored to be on Randy Orton’s hit list after his confrontation with Brock Lesnar and there doesn’t appear to be anyone who is strong enough to hang with the Eater of Worlds if everyone else is preoccupied.

WWE may once again need to lean on Cena to help the “B+” brand level the playing field with big brother Monday Night Raw. If anyone can do it, Cena can.

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I also may be totally off base here and Ambrose retains, only for Styles to face him with the company strap on the line. A heel Ziggler could still face Cena – only nothing will be at stake other than two veterans needing a program to work. If that is the case, then this might be the best time to work in a Nikki Bella angle as well. We all know how Ziggler does in love triangles.

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For the past two years, Ziggler has been the guy who was good enough to main event and run the place, but has been buried by bad booking and changes to the roster. Expect there to be more change moving toward September. If Ziggler and Ambrose have a solid program, then maybe he can stay around for a while. The notion that this is a three-match dance is way off base. Ziggler gets a chance to prove his “worth” – mainly see if he can remain a top player in the company.

All the while. Cena and Styles move forward and the face that runs the place waits to see what happens.

It may seem a bit shortsighted, but the way I view it, there are more booking options on Raw than Smackdown Live. In order for things to build and get more interesting, chances must be taken.

This might be the riskiest chance of them all. If it works out, it could be the best move this brand could make the rest of the year.

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