Dolph Ziggler is Best Choice to Work With Ric Flair

Any of you who know me and my writing, you know what a huge Ric Flair mark I am. As a charter member of the NWA fan club and a follower of “real” wrestling in the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia and any of the other dozens of promotions across the country, seeing my “idol” while growing up has saddened me as of late. The antics, the court dates, the arrests and the drunken stupors have me twisted in knots over the use of “The Nature Boy” as of late.

Hopefully recent news of Flair becoming more involved in the WWE’s plans this year and into the future will prove the 65-year old mat man has gotten past some of his demons and can be a viable character on Raw.

Flair’s last stint with the WWE was short-lived but it involved a program with The Miz – a paring that looked to be magical, but was quick to fail for one reason or another. Part of the problem is Flair is much better as a heel and The Miz is one of the better marketing tools in the company, so his baby face persona really does not match him as a true heel. The paring would have worked – had it been a heel manager and wrestler.

The beauty of Flair is he can be paired with just about anyone and it works. Even with his recent appearance on Raw and support of The Shield over his old running boys, Evolution, he could work with anyone. But these wrestlers especially could go far with Flair by his side.

According to my good friend and fellow Camel Clutch Blogger Eric Gargiulo, the plan was laid out in a story by Dave Meltzer.

Dave Meltzer has all of the details in the newest Wrestling Observer newsletter. According to Meltzer, there is a plan to get Flair back into the company as a full-time character. Flair must undergo and pass a cardiovascular physical before he is cleared. Flair has also dropped some weight recently in anticipation of a return.

Back in the day, no one was better at cardiovascular conditioning than Flair, who was affectionately known as “The 60-Minute Man” for being able to wrestle 60 minutes a night all week long.

You all know the story, as Flair has won ten NWA Championships in NWA/WCW, as well as three NWA Championships in All Star Pro Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) and Central States Wrestling (CSW). Along with these, he is an Eight-time WCW Champion, two-time WCW International World Champion, two-time WWF Champion, making him a 26-time world heavyweight champion. You cannot get much better than that.

So how does the WWE plan to use Flair? He certainly won’t be wrestling on a full-time basis. But as a manager and a foil to Paul Heyman or maybe someone who challenges Triple H and his “Authority” on screen, he is quite useful.

Enter Dolph Ziggler.

The best way to use Flair in an advisory role is to put him in a program with Ziggler as they together fight the establishment. Flair would best utilize Ziggler as a brash, younger version of himself. Ziggler’s recent remarks toward Batista seem to make this a good fit. It has been rumored that Flair even asked the company to allow him to work with the former World Heavyweight Champion. According to a report in The Examiner, it looks like the company wants to team him up again with The Miz in an attempt to resurrect his career. But in all honesty, why couldn’t Flair work with both superstars? I see the potential of an Arn Anderson/Tully Blanchard-type partnership that could be every good at tag team wrestling and singles competition.

Now that we know he is coming back to live television, it will be great to see my idol strut a bit, talk a bit and advise “someone” in the WWE. Finding the right paring is crucial. What it remains to be seen is will it help this “clientt” or Flair more in the end.

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