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Dolph Ziggler Can Be The WWE’s Next Big Thing

dolph zigglerIt is easy to get carried away watching anyone win Money in the Bank, but there is reason to celebrate with Dolph Ziggler. Arguably the most underrated talent in the WWE will now have his chance to shine and if done right, he could become the next big star of the WWE.

Watching Dolph reminds me a lot of watching guys like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Dynamite Kid, and Curt Hennig as a kid in the late 1980s. Even though they were stuck in the middle of the card, you couldn’t help but recognize how much better they were than everyone else. I have felt the same way watching Ziggler for the last year on WWE television.

[adinserter block=”2″]Like the above mentioned greats, Ziggler always came ready to steal the show when given the opportunity. Main-events against CM Punk and Randy Orton were always matches that stood out above the repetitive matches that generally started and the same on every show. Even in the open to low-card matches, Ziggler’s series against Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan were often the best matches of the shows. That is why it has always boggled my mind as to why it has taken so long for Ziggler to get here.

I have to think that the answer is complacency. Ziggler, like Mr. Perfect in the 80s and 90s is almost too good. Ziggler is a guy that the WWE can count on to get a great match out of anyone, and get the struggling babyface over. I mean if Ziggler is the one going over, who is going to fill that void of the strong company hand? It is much easier to keep Ziggler in the middle of the card or take him to the top for someone else’s benefit other than his. Yet at some point something has to give and I hope that point is now.

I think the WWE have something big…really big with Ziggler. If there is one thing missing from the WWE and pro wrestling altogether today it is a superstar heel. Notice that the three biggest stars in the WWE (Cena, Randy Orton, and Punk) are all babyfaces with Sheamus probably being number four. Edge and Randy Orton were probably the last superstar heel world champions that worked for the WWE. Ziggler has a long way to go into developing that same kind of personalites, but in the ring he is ready for that spot.

The biggest problem the WWE and Ziggler will face is his history. For the last two years Ziggler has been portrayed as a mid-carder who can’t beat a top guy. This is the same problem that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan faced when elevated and quite frankly I think that is the reason why neither have lived up to their full potential as draws. Ziggler is a fun wrestler to watch but to the casual fan, he has lost repeatedly to world champions throughout 2012 and he is stuck with a low-card manager. This is where things need to change immediately.

Ziggler doesn’t need to win the world title tomorrow, and he shouldn’t. Ziggler needs to be repackaged. One quick fix to change public perception is to dump Vickie Guerrero. It is a shame because I think Ziggler and Vickie are a great pair. However, Vickie is not seen as a manager of champions. Additionally, dumping Vickie would at least give fans a second look at Dolph. “Maybe he really is that good?” In the end it may be better to just keep him with Vickie since they are such a great pair, but she will be one more reason for fans not to buy into Ziggler right away.

The other important key here is that Ziggler needs the full commitment of the WWE to make this work. I am not working a title win and a loss a month later like most of the heel Money in the Bank winners. Ziggler needs the same kind of commitment that the WWE has given CM Punk since he won the title back last fall. He needs a lengthy title reign with wins over the big guns. They don’t need to be clean because let’s face it, he is a heel. The sell here is watching a guy who barely escapes but always manages to somehow keep the title. Sound familiar…wooo!

[adinserter block=”1″]Ziggler is also one of the most real athletes the WWE have on their roster. Why the WWE doesn’t play this up more is beyond me. Nick Nemeth was a standout amateur wrestler, a three-time All-Mid-American Conference champion at Kent State. Ziggler even wrestling with top UFC lightweight Gray Maynard. Ziggler really needs to be booked more like Kurt Angle serious wrestler as opposed to the goofy blonde wrestler who always makes mistake in the big match. There is a story to be told here and it is time for the WWE to tell it. Unfortunately 95% of the audience watching the WWE have no idea that Ziggler may be the toughest legit wrestler in the company.

With a renewed push and commitment, Ziggler could become the established top heel the WWE has been missing for a long time. He has the look, the ability, and the charisma to make it happen. It is time for the WWE to go all in on Ziggler!

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more about you idea of him splitting from Vickie. Just like when HBK split from Sherri in the '90s. Before that, he was invloved in silly love triangle matches and would constantly have her cost him matches when her meddling backfired. Even though he had some success, his storyline possibilities were limited because they always needed to fit Sherri into them somehow. Dolph needs to go it on his own to expand and grow his character.


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