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Doggy-ween – Halloween Dog Costumes

Halloween is coming quickly and before you know it, you’ll be ready for the big night!!! You have your costume, you have the candy, and you have the night’s destination, but- you forget something, or should I say someone. Recently, Halloween has become a big holiday for man’s best friend. And why not?! What’s wrong with making our cute, furry friends, even cuter for just one night? Nothing is! Plus, they’re pretty inexpensive. I’m totally on board for doggy-ween costumes! I actually can’t wait until they give doggy treats to dogs in costumes. In fact, I’ve found 5 fabulous costumes for my dog that I instantly fell in love with. They are:

[adinserter block=”1″]Wonder Woman: Your dog will look so adorable in this wonder women ensemble. I don’t know if its how nicely the rep cape drapes over of it’s the limbs like her legs and arms that are attached to the costume! The adorable level almost takes my mind off how bad I actually look in a wonder women costume!

Buy it Here: Wonder Woman Deluxe Dog Costume

Elvis: I died when I saw this! The white, shiny satin, to the drawn-on bundles of sequins and rhinestones, and the collar just sent me overboard. This hunka-hunka-burnin’ love Elvis costume looks better than most human Elvis costumes I’ve seen. This costume is a doggy-must

Buy it here: Elvis Dog Costume

Witch: So cute! Although this costume looks like it portrays a bad witch. I’m convinced that any dog in this costume is a good witch. Please do buy the separate broom stick! Not buying it is like being having a Dorothy costume without the ruby-red slippers!

Buy it here: Bewitched Pet Costume

Dorothy: Speaking of Dorothy, this costume must have come from over the rainbow! Normally, when one thinks “Wizard of Oz Dog Costumes”, one thinks “Toto”. Well, now it’s time to think Dorothy and maybe you can be Toto. It’s the perfect opportunity to change places with your best friend.

Buy it here: Wizard of Oz Dorothy Dog Costume

Hot Dog: Who knew that the most cliché idea would end being one of the cutest!? This hot costume is so cute and really funny. I’m really not sure if other food items would have been just as funny! This needs to become a Halloween classic.

Buy it here: Hot Diggity Dog Halloween Costume

[adinserter block=”2″]Other great doggy-ween costumes (all costumes are from the above-linked websites): Cheer-dog, Dogula Dracula Dog, Batman Dog, Prisoner Dog, Pretty Princess Dog, Franken dog, and Pump dog costume!

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