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Doctor Who Season 14: Everything We Know So Far

The Doctor is in!

If you are a science fiction fan, then you must have definitely watched an episode or two of Doctor Who or at least heard of it. If you haven’t, well, what are you waiting for? The “very” long-running series is one of the most popular ones out there. The old one debuted in 1963 and ran for 26 years.

It was then rebooted in 2005 and has run for 17 years by now. And if your math is good, which I’m assuming is definitely not, then the 60th anniversary of the show is coming up and it seems that we are about to get a brand new season with a brand new Doctor!

Well, without taking much time, here is everything we know about the latest and 14th season of Doctor Who:

What Is Doctor Who About?

Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction series that debuted in 1963 in England and soon became famous worldwide. The story follows the adventures of Doctor, a Time Lord who is an extra-terrestrial from a planet called Gallifrey and has the appearance of a human.

The Doctor explores the who universe on his time machine called the TARDIS. The doctor has regenerative abilities and can reincarnate himself into a new Doctor in case his body takes too much damage. Although each doctor has a different appearance and personality, in the end, they are the same individual.

Who Is the Doctor for Season 14?

Ncuti Gatwa from “Sex Education” has been introduced as the person who will be filling the shoes of the newest Doctor. He will be taking over this role from the previous doctor Jodie Whitaker who was the first female to take on the role of Doctor.

Gatwa is also creating history as the first black actor to take on the role of Doctor.

Doctor Who Season 14 Cast

“How I Met Your Mother” alum Neil Patrick Harris has been cast to portray the role of an unnamed villain. His character has been described as the “greatest enemy the Doctor has ever faced”. Yasmin Finney has been cast as Rose, which was previously played by Billie Piper.

David Tennant will be reprising his role as The Ninth Doctor who also happens to be the most popular and fan-favorite Doctor in the series. Catherine Tate will return to play the role of Donna Noble and Bernard Cribbing will portray the role of Wilfred “Wilf” Mott.

Doctor Who Season 14 Release Date

The 14th Season has been scheduled for a release in 2023 however no fixed date has been confirmed yet. The season will debut on BBC America once released. As for the 60th Anniversary celebrations, the anniversary special is set to air in November so there are chances we might get a first look or debut of the latest episode of the season.



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