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Doctor Strange Actress Zara Phythian and Husband Accused of Having Sex with Teen

Doctor Strange star Zara Phythian and her husband are accused of having sex with a 13 year. After the news went viral, the actress is trending on Twitter.

The actress who appeared in marvel movies and played a sorcerer in Doctor Strange in 2016. The couple has been accused of 14 sex offenses, repeatedly having sex with the 13-year-old (who is now a woman).

Who is Zara Phythian!?

Zara Phythian was born on May 10th, United Kingdom. She is a very famous martial artist in Europe. She has worked with many celebrities her recent project was with a Marvel film, starring Benedict Cumberbatch where she played a sorcerer. She is a renowned stunt woman.

She is a former 13-time Multi Star World Martial Art Champion who went forward with being an actor, stuntwoman, producer as well as fight coordinator. 

Phythian also has two Guinness World Records and she is the only British person to hold records in that field. 

Accused of Sexual Assault?

Zara Phythain and her husband Victor Markee have been indicted for 14 sexual assaults, which also include having sex with the 13-year-old. The couple has been accused together of this offense. The alleged abuse seems to have occurred in 2005 and 2008.

Now the 13-year-old is a woman, for legal purposes we can’t disclose her name.

The couple arrived at the Nottingham Court today for the second day of her trial where the victim has provided some evidence for the very first time in the court. The alleged victim also mentioned that the couple groomed her when she was 13 and later assaulted and also filmed her. 

Zara who starred with Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange targeted the victim with her spouse Victor Markee. The prosecution says that the couple filmed the abuse to create their favorite bit from porn together, the attacks seem to happen between 2005 and 2008.

The victim told the court how she finally revealed she was sexually assaulted by the couple. When one police officer came down knocking at her door asking about another person Marke assaulted and if she has any clue about that.

Around that time Zara was enjoying her success as she just worked with Benedict Cumberbatch on Doctor Strange playing one of the sorcerer roles in the Marvel film.

The alleged victim says that she would have never come forward because of the embarrassment of it all but she recently became a mother and as a mother, she feels responsible to set a better example for her kid than just sleeping on the whole incident. Setting a better example for her kid.

Another Assault Against Victor Marke

The Husband of Zara Phythian is also a Taekwondo as well as a Martial Art coach a movie producer and a director. Marke has been also accused of 4 other charges of assaulting a child, which is from another woman. Although, the couple had denied all the allegations against them. Until the Court trial is completed we can’t say what’s the truth. For more updated stay tuned!



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