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Doctor Strange 3: Will There Be a Threequel?

That was definitely not the last of Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was released in the theatres this week and it has been raking up money at a pretty fast pace. That stands to tell just how much anticipation was there for this movie. This movie was going to be a big one with so many surprise appearances and you can guess it’s doing the magic right now.

However, with the original Avengers finally passing on the baton to the next generation, the fans had doubts about whether the sequel will be the end for Doctor Strange. However, the second movie cleared all of our doubts and gave us all the pointers needed to set up a threequel.

So today we talk about if there will be the third installment of Doctor Strange. Here’s everything we know:

Who Is Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange is the story of Stephen Strange who is a world-renowned neurosurgeon. But his success has also made him arrogant about his talents. While driving his car, Stephen gets careless and ends up totaling his car in a crash which also makes his hands useless.

Desperate to fix his hands, Stephen tries all methods but none of them work and he finally ends up reaching a person called the Ancient One. She happens to be a sorcerer and teaches Strange about the mystic arts which also helps him move on from his injury.

Stephen shows talent in the art of magic and ends up becoming the Sorcerer Supreme by the name of Doctor Strange. He now protects the planets from magical disasters and anomalies.

Will There Be a Doctor Strange 3?

It’s hard to predict things when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other than the movies that the MCU has already announced for phase four, no other information has been released about any other projects and the whole studio is keeping mum about it.

However, Doctor Strange 2 showed us that it is not the end of Doctor Strange yet and he is bound to return at some point whether it be in his own standalone movie or in some other MCU movie like he did in No Way Home.

As long as Benedict Cumberbatch is ready to reprise his role, there does not seem to be an obstacle keeping Doctor Strange from returning. There are chances that the studio can announce a threequel right after Doctor Strange 2 has finished its theatre screening or they might even take their time making other projects.

Doctor Strange 3 Release Date

Well, even if they do make a Doctor Strange 3, it definitely won’t be released anytime soon. And by soon we mean at least 2-3 years. The gap between the first two Doctor Strange is of 6 years, so you can expect the same treatment if there were ever going to be a threequel.

So take any rumor with a pinch of salt until an official announcement is made.



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