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Aaron Rodgers and the Packers may have to wait to defend their Super Bowl championshipIt really sucks I am even writing about this in the middle of February but the deadline is getting so close and the future of the NFL next season is looking so bleak right now that I felt like I had too. The fact that NFL owners and NFL players can’t even see eye-to-eye right now is disgraceful to the sport and disrespectful to all of the fans. There is no way that the NFL should be locked out in 2011.

I write this blog as a concerned and frankly pissed off NFL fan after reading about what happened in regards to Panthers owner Jerry Richardson recently at a meeting amongst owners and players. Mr. Richardson basically belittled and made fun of elite NFL players such as a Peyton Manning & Drew Brees. According to the reports I read it completely appears that Mr. Richardson was in the wrong and was highly unprofessional with his comments.

[adinserter block=”2″]I do not blame the NFL Players Association for being upset with the way the current talks have gone and the proposed plan for the next CBA. It makes sense for the players to receive a decent amount of revenue since they are the ones actually generating the revenue. For the owners to want a 59-41 cut of the revenue is disgusting in my opinion.

The NFL players are the ones that are literally breaking their bodies every Sunday to help their owner’s franchise win a Super Bowl. They are the ones that are playing hurt, getting concussions and going through rehabilitation when an injury is serious. Not the owners.

Instead the owners are sitting up in their nice boxes watching the game up above. I’d hate to use this term since it has involved an NFL player in the past, but I feel like the NFL owners are like a Dog Fighting owner watching their dogs fight and wanting to make the most money off of them. It’s sick to think about how much the players give and how much the owners want.

If the NFL lockout happens the owners are going to look like the bad guys in this one as they should be portrayed. They were the ones that took a deal off the table, they were the ones that mocked NFL players in a meeting, they are the ones wanting to get greedier and they will be held responsible in the eyes of the fans.

How could both sides not find a way to get this done when the NFL is currently booming right now?

Whether you like it or not, the NFL is America’s new pastime. The ratings for Football games are through the roof, there has never been a time in our history where the NFL has boomed as much as it has the last couple of years. Mind you, it’s been during a recession in the United States, it’s clearly something that many Americans enjoy to watch on a weekly basis.

For the NFL to be locked out and possibly not play next season would be earth shattering for the league. Look what lockouts have done for Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League the last twenty years. It took Baseball until 1998 with a steroid induced home run race to regain it’s popularity and Hockey never fully recovered still to this day.

[adinserter block=”1″]The NFL Lockout is the worst thing that can happen to the league right now and they have to figure out something before 11:59pm ET on March 3rd. If that deadline passes then both representations have lost and betrayed their fans. They need to get this done no matter what.

In a time in our American culture where we are dealing with a recession and uncertainty on a daily basis, it is the NFL that gives millions of Americans once a week to find refuge. Like I said before in an economy like this where the NFL is booming rather then reducing, is amazing. It shows how strong the sport is to our American culture.

Lock yourselves away NFLPA and NFL and get this deal done, the future of the league is depending. Do not let a lock out happen by any means necessary because if you lock people out of the NFL then you may never get them back again.

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