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Dixie Carter’s Big TNA Wrestling Free Agent Signing Predictions

TNA Wrestling president Dixie Carter made headlines last week when she announced that TNA signed a big free agent. Just exactly who this new signee is has the social media world buzzing with investigative work and anticipation.

I try to take these kinds of statement made by Dixie with a grain of salt considering her past track record of teases on Twitter. For starters she tweeted that last week’s Impact would have news on the signee only to reveal that the news was that next week’s Impact Wrestling would break the news. Those are kinds of the silly games you have to put up with if you care even a little about Dixie and her Twitter account.

Regardless of Dixie’s history the social media world started tweeting immediately with all kinds of names and ideas of who this free agent is. Quite frankly a quick look at the landscape reveals no real big names available to TNA. TNA’s finances are always subject to debate but with a payroll that already includes Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, and Sting it is not likely that the company has the budget to pull off something massive. Even if they did, I don’t know who out there would deliver that massive impact Dixie is teasing anyway.

I had a little fun on Twitter and threw out some names, more as a joke of who I thought could be the unlikely loser of a new TNA Wrestling contract. All fun aside, I thought I’d take a real hard look at the landscape and come up with five names that fit the billing.

Rob Van Dam – From the second I read her tweet RVD’s name popped into mind. I truly believe that Rob will be the signee and there will be a lot of people laughing at Dixie for trying to blow this up like it is something special. The fact is that Rob is a free agent and while I am sure he’d love to go back to the WWE, I don’t see it in the cards. I would have to assume that Rob and TNA are in the ballpark when it comes to negotiations since he was already there for a couple of years. Rob (and I’m a fan) would be a huge letdown and open up Dixie and TNA to ridicule that they will probably get no matter who it is.

John Morrison – Next to RVD I think Morrison is probably the second and only other real logical answer to Dixie’s riddle. Morrison has been out of the game for a little while now and I would imagine that his contract would be a deal that could be met by TNA without much financial pain. Morrison would probably be the best choice here. Unfortunately you have had a long time since wrestling fans have seen John in the WWE so I really don’t know how much of an impact he can truly make. However, Morrison is the kind of guy you want to sign and put over to your fans how huge the signing is. Sure, some people may find it silly to make such a big deal out of a WWE low-mid carder but there could be something there if he was booked right. That of course is a whole other story when it comes to TNA.

Ric Flair – Woo! Yes I know that Flair was caught up in a lawsuit between TNA and the WWE and I know that Flair has been on WWE television but I also know what Flair doesn’t have and that is a WWE deal. I have heard that the WWE are reluctant to sign Flair to a contract for a variety of reasons, none unfortunately which I am at liberty to reveal. Regardless, Flair has no personal heat or animosity with Dixie, Hulk, or even Eric Bischoff for that matter. Flair could use a contract and if he has gotten sick and tired of waiting around for one from his buddies in the WWE, maybe the Teflon Man winds up coming back to TNA.

Kevin Nash – Nash is an interesting one because he is Hunter’s buddy yet at the same time he appears no closer to ever stepping into a WWE ring than he was a year ago. Nash has said from time to time in interviews that he wanted to wrestle again and it doesn’t appear to be in the cards in the WWE. I know that Nash and TNA left on bad terms but Nash is a heck of a worker, one of the best when it comes to business. I could easily see him working TNA into another contract that proves to be just as much a waste of money as the last contract that they signed him to.

Goldberg – Golberg is a real wild card but he is a free agent and out of all of the available free agents, he’d certainly be the biggest. Goldberg has mentioned a desire to get back in the ring for a few more matches over the last few years on Twitter. If the WWE had interest it would have been back at WrestleMania 27 when it was in Atlanta. They aren’t interested and maybe a Goldberg deal with 2-3 dates a year like Brock Lesnar has in WWE wouldn’t be such a financial strain. I’ll give Dixie this. If Goldberg is her signee, there will be no reason to ridicule her or TNA about this announcement.

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