Dixie Carter Reportedly Blows TNA Wrestling Sale


TNA president Dixie Carter is the gift that keeps on giving to pro wrestling bloggers but this may be the greatest gift of all. According to a new report, the pending sale of TNA Wrestling fell through over demands to keep Dixie on television and in charge.

[adinserter block=”1″]Rumors of impending sale of TNA Wrestling were floating around for several weeks before they disappeared without a trace. Janice Carter denied it in an email to employees but a new report by Dave Meltzer blows the lid off of the failed sale to country music star Toby Keith. According to Meltzer’s report, the sale falling through came down to one person and her name is Dixie Carter.

TNA was for sale and Jarrett through his connections with the Nashville music industry and Keith in particular, tried to put together a bid to buy the company. The deal was very close at one point. Bob Carter came to Keith to finalize the deal and the two sides were close on a price, although they were not quite there. The belief is they were going to hash it out, but Carter only had one request in selling, which was that Dixie Carter would remain with her title, have some power in the company and remain a television character. Keith said he wasn’t going to buy the company with any creative limitations, so the deal actually fell apart because Bob Carter in the end was going to protect his daughter.

There is more to the story in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer but that is the gist of it. So to sum it up, demands to keep Dixie Carter on television and in power crushed a deal that would have sold TNA and given new life to a lot of talent that are wondering if they will have a pay check next week. It doesn’t get much better or worse than that if you are a TNA employee counting on this sale.

I am not over exaggerating when I tell you that seeing Dixie Carter on television has made Impact Wrestling unwatchable. She is so terrible in her role that once you get the past the unintentional humor, it becomes impossible to watch. Knowing now that Dixie is so caught up in her television role that her father lost a television deal over her spot makes it even more pathetic and yet even funnier in a crazy kind of way.

TNA is in trouble and they have been for a while. Dixie told Loretta Hunt they were fiscally good but the proof is in the product. They have cut pay per views, gotten off of the road, and dumped 3 of the 4 biggest contracts the company had by letting AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan, and Sting go in addition to cutting lower card talent last summer. How the reporter doing the story could let that go and not follow up is another question altogether. The bottom line here is that this is a company in trouble and it was more important for Dixie to play wrestling bad girl than give her employees a fighting chance.

It should also be pointed out here that the company now looks even worse after Janice Carter sent employees a memo denying such a deal was taking place. There has to be absolutely zero trust from the locker room and the Carters have nobody to blame but themselves. None of them should play the loyalty card the next time someone wants to walk out the door.

[adinserter block=”2″]I am sure Bob Carter is a smart guy, he has to be to have made the kind of money he has. However, to expect a new investor to keep the person who ran the company into the ground in any kind of power position is just mind blowing. Expecting the new investor to continue to use the absolute worst character on the television program just shows you how illogical these people really are.

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    • Even if we didn't believe it Goldman it still makes it a topic of conversation. This is entertainment after all. It's fun to talk about.

  1. I Totally Agree TNA Was A lot Better When Jeff Jarrett Was In Charge Dixie Destroyed what Jeff Jarrett Started It Makes Me Sick Every time I See Dixie On Tv Sitting There Saying That She Started TNA When Everyone Knows That Jeff Jarrett Was The One Who Started TNA I Hope That If Someone does Buy TNA That The PERSON or Persons Knows What Their Doing So That TNA Can Somewhat Get Back On Their Feet I Mean They WILLNever Beat WWE But unleast Get Them Where They Should Be If JEFF was still in charge.

  2. Eric, how creditable is this source? I mean, I understand the concept behind wanting to secure a job for someone that is at a company that is for sale, but to think that person would be guaranteed a position of power in that company is a bit much. Especially seeing as the company is struggling to maintain its current footprint in the professional wrestling world and that person is part of that struggle. Also, I’m sure they have read the sheets and listened to the critics, so there is no way they do not know she is poison. I just can’t believe it.

  3. She is the most pathetic excuse for a wrestling personality out there.

    When she comes to the ring to open her pie hole I have to change the channel.


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