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Dixie Carter Defends TNA Wrestling Signing MMA Fighters

TNA Wrestling are at a crossroads and president Dixie Carter thinks she has found an answer with MMA fighters. The good news is that Dixie acknowledges that the company needs to develop new talent. The bad news is that she is looking outside of her company to do it. I guess it’s too late to get the money back from the Wrestling Matters campaign.

[adinserter block=”1″]I’ll give Dixie Carter a lot of credit. Even in the face of criticism she is sticking to her guns. Dixie and TNA are looking for answers after major budget cuts and weeks of inconsistent ratings. Most suggested a change in creative direction yet the president disagreed. Dixie went searching for new talent and what she found were aged, injury-ridden former UFC stars.

Dixie has had a fascination with blending MMA stars into her company for awhile now. Unfortunately it has yet to work. She had the right idea with King Mo but it never seemed like she was on the same page with her creative team. She’s at it again with Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz and the jury is out on how that will all pan out.

Dixie is looking for answers. Dixie is looking for the next hot talent to build up and it is not the independent wrestling circuits she is scouting but the UFC loss columns as she told the Ministry of Slam podcast.

I’ve gotten criticism for bringing these guys in but when you’re looking for talent and there’s only two teams, where do you go to get your star players from? You’re going to mostly look to each other and then every once in a while, you’ve got to build your own talent which takes a lot of time.

So here are two guys that are major superstars. Both come from wrestling backgrounds, and both are training their butts off right now to be in the ring. I think it’s a great way of trying to find some superstar talent and not having to take so many years to try to grow somebody’s stardom. Both of these guys are so well-known and they love professional wrestling. They’re committed and they’re training, and I’m excited for people to see their potential. I think it’s a great way of looking for new talent, and talent that have never been seen before in our world.”

The irony in those statements is just amazing considering who they are coming from. Dixie has had a roster of her own talent for over ten years. In that time TNA never spent more than a few months building up any of their own talent sans AJ Styles every once in awhile. The idea that she is so concerned with building up her own talent on a show I just watched headlined by Bully Ray vs. Sting in an angle involving Ken Anderson is just ironic in so many ways.

I do agree with her on one point. She does need to get unconventional in her recruiting. I don’t think there is a problem at all with that philosophy. I don’t think there is a problem going out there and recruiting MMA fighters. The difference between TNA and the WWE is that if WWE signs you, you are a WWE talent. If TNA signs you, you are doing TNA part-time. If TNA were out there scouting amateur wrestlers and MMA fighters, signing them, and prohibiting them from competing in MMA that would be a great idea but that isn’t what they are doing.

TNA instead are signing aged MMA fighters who are broken down and have no interest in retiring from fighting at present. How can you invest money into these guys when there is a good chance they are going to be exposed as slow, hurt, and old in their fights? You can but it is just wasting money.

Either Dixie is flat out lying or she is being lied to if she thinks that Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson are that committed to their pro wrestling training. Rampage isn’t even planning on training until he is done fighting.

Well I’ve always wanted to be a pro wrestler since I was a kid, but now that I’m older and have had a lot of injuries, people don’t understand the toll that wrestling takes on your body. I just don’t think I can do that now while I’m fighting, but when I retire from fighting and go full time into pro wrestling, then I think I can go and get more extensive with my style and my moves.

Obviously these parties are not on the same page with company speak. As I said I think it’s a smart move to think outside of the box when it comes to scouting talent. Dixie just happened to stumble into the wrong box. What Rampage is even doing on television at this point other than promoting Bellator is another question. Tito hasn’t said it but how committed to training can he be after coming off of major back surgery?

[adinserter block=”2″]Do you know what is really surprising to me about Dixie Carter? This is a woman that came from public relations. She may not know wrestling but she is supposed to know public relations. For a woman that says one dumb thing after another on Twitter or interviews you’d certainly never know it. Telling your critics that the answer to building new talent are Tito Ortiz and Rampage is just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard say…and that says a lot.

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  1. Styles can do what he wants, he's Styles, He, Austin Aries, and two from WWE; C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan are the BEST. Period. TNAs' problem is direction! The storylines 90% of the time SUCK, make no sense, and left empty. I even wrote TNA about the storyline they had a while back about D-VON and his sons with the pope, that was horrid, disgusting and just plain made me sick. Not saying I was the reason I never saw anything about after that , but??!! Didn't see it anymore. Sting is one of the best ever, using him from time to time is ok, but using him with Hogan, please stop. We are done with Hogan. TNA was on an up if you ask me right before Hogan showed up. then here we go again. At least E.B. is gone, I guess? ….people say wwe isn't watching tna but now wwe has a bully ray i.e. Ryback. Tna must be watching WWE with the A n 8's trip power bomb on Anderson. But, w/e just FINISH storylines! PLEASE Can you see how it could maybe be just a little but a lot confusing when a story is flipped and flopped around all throughout a paragraph just as this one?! Let's see; WTF is Joseph Park, OMG Hogan gives abyss his HOF ring. ok so he acknowledges his WWE given ring on TNA and gives it to one of TNAs' talent stating it will give him Hoganlike powers!!! Again, where did that go. How many dumb decisions were just in that one sentence?! WOW! Is Brother Love writing ALL the storylines? WAIT! I know, it is TNA office writing storylines AND bad checks. when the pen runs dry, well, new story. lmao @ TNA . I'd love to see TNA get better, I really like some of the talent, Styles, Roode, Aries, Storm without the drunk act, Samoa Joe, Gunner is a beast along with Hernandez. Kaz n Daniels R great heels, though I think KAZ was better face. Rob Terry, come on what is TNA doing with him, sheeesh idiots, USE HIM!!! Look at RVD TNA misses out yet again, he's working his butt off in WWE, where was that in TNA, Oh yeah, he was as confused to the story as everyone else!

  2. I can understand getting these guys in for the short term pop it gave the company in terms of media exposure. But keeping them around, week after week, taking up TV time without ever doing anything is ridiculous. The last thing TNA needs are more non-wrestling talkers (especially ones who can’t talk).

    If they’re training hard to learn then let them train offscreen. Don’t shove then on TV in a prime spot; she makes it sound like learning to wrestle is something that takes a couple of weeks.

    The fact is that wrestling is 90% personality, and none of this MMA dead weight have any personality whatsoever.

    Building stars takes time? Yea it does. That’s the wrestling business. Scratch that – it’s the entertainment business. If you don’t like it, sell up and move on. I haven’t spoken to one TNA fan, hardcore or casual, who enjoys seeing these guys on their TV screen.

    Dixie, you’ve got Joe, Styles, Storm, Roode, Aries, Hardy. Most of these guys have the charisma that the MMA guys are lacking, and can turn in great matches week after week. If you think Rampage Jackson is going to learn what it takes to be a star in the wrestling business in a couple of months it’s an insult to these guys who’ve been busting their ass in the business for years.

  3. Eric,

    I agree with what you said in most cases. Forgetting about the intelligence of one, in one area, Public Relations and lack of smarts in another, pro-wrestling. I guess what I am saying is Daddy Carter bought TNA so Dixie Carter could have a toy that she likes (a pro-wrestling company) to play with. Dixie knows Daddy will never punish her (sell the company) because she does such a bad job financially as the owner. So she never has to smarten up or get smarter people to run the company. So we, as the fans, are stuck with her no matter what.

  4. They brought them in becuase of their names and that was it. Sure it created a buzz but it leaves you empty after you watch it. People in the MMA world don't even really talk about those guys anymore, they are done. Bringing in the MMA fighters might not be a bad idea, you have to bring in the right ones.

  5. Is it not possible, that sometimes smart people get involved in things they know nothing about but happen to be big fans. I believe certain sports teams have been bought by such people. And these people have companies or relatives who are part of companies (Dixie's dad and Panda Energy) where the company the person runs can lose money because the other parts of the major company can counter said companie's (TNA) loss with other entities in the Parent Company (Panda Energy)

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