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Dixie Carter, AJ Styles and the unraveling of a wrestling promotion

When Dixie Carter and AJ Styles got in the ring Thursday night to discuss “business” it may have been the most compelling television for Impact Wrestling since Eric Bischoff took his act off air to help promote the company in other ways.

[adinserter block=”1″]Styles and Carter may not be Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon, but in this case the move might have been more out of despair than anything else.

In my opinion, TNA is still a sinking ship.

Matt Morgan, Tara, Madison Rayne, and now Mickie James are all part of the purge of talent the company has let go in recent months to save money and reshape the company while adding MMA wrestlers to the roster and providing some awful story lines.

Sometimes the blur between the “reality” of wrestling and veritas (truth) is underscored when your top talent goes on air and does one of the better shoot interviews this side of AJ Lee (sorry, cannot put that one up there with CM Punk).

And while it seemed the show last night on air (which was James’ last with TNA) comes on the heels of word that the Big Kahuna, Hulk Hogan, is not happy with the direction of the company and how his daughter’s release (Brooke) was handled by management.

In the big picture of things that TNA management has to deal with, the release of Brooke Hogan is small potatoes. And the idea of another invasion (They’re coming!) will not work now. The Aces and Eights program is old and sloppy. Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco are a joke. Ken Anderson may also be on the way out and ODB may be headed for a battle with Velvet Sky now that her fiance Chris Sabin appears to have taken a heel turn.

Where is Alex Shelley when you need him?

Looking at the TNA roster right now, there needs to be a reshuffle of sorts to determine how to manage this promotion. That means the elimination of the Huntington Beach Bad Boy, Tito Ortiz. That means telling Rampage Jackson to hit the road. That also means building Bully Ray (minus the Aces and Eights) and AJ Styles as a great main event at Bound for Glory.

And it also means that TNA and Dixie Carter need to continue the verbal onslaught with one AJ Styles.

By definition in the Encyclopedia of Professional Wrestling, a “champion” is someone who is appealing to the masses, can speak decently, and is just a bit better than the other wrestlers to keep the title, but not so “over the top” that they cannot be defeated.

In Carter’s explanation of how she should have treated Styles differently than she has the last 12 years, she also defined what a champion and what Styles has been to the company – “its champion.” And before we get on a tangent about Carter acting like “Stephanie McMahon” last night (which was the first thing I thought of watching her little show), I am also reminded that Carter is nothing like McMahon, mainly because she used Twitter and Facebook as her mode of communication. McMahon gets in wrestlers faces and challenges them to be better. While both are accountable for their actions and the company, McMahon doesn’t talk about it, she just does it.

[adinserter block=”2″]With Bound for Glory literally 30 days from today, TNA can make up a lot of ground by building this pay-per-view like they have in the past. But they must move forward. Vignettes about this being Styles’ last chance and Bully Ray talking about “Who He Is” would do wonders for this company, much in the same way they built Bobby Roode and James Storm up for the TNA Title. Those kinds of options work. And this company needs them to work.

If not, no matter how much Carter, Styles and the rest of the company want success, it won’t come easily since the promotion will set itself back even further.

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