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Disturbing Scott Hall Indy Wrestling Appearance (Videos)

Scott Hall showed up in a strange state at a Top Rope Promotions eventScott Hall is back in the news after a disturbing appearance at Top Rope Promotions which saw Hall stumbling in the ring, looking sloppy, and slurring his words. The night ended in the hospital with another chapter written in the never ending saga of turmoil known as the Scott Hall story.

The disappointing news comes a week after Scott Hall kept himself away from the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. It wouldn’t have been just any appearance for the former Razor Ramon. The appearance would have put Hall back in the headlines as part of The Kliq reunion following Shawn Michaels‘ induction speech. Instead, Hall decided to wait a week to make news of his own.

[adinserter block=”2″]The saga started last week when word spread that Scott Hall overdosed and had to be taken to a hospital. A public relations rep for Hall immediately disputed the news with a press release. A rep from the promotion released a press release stating that Hall was indeed hospitalized Wednesday, but for extremely low blood pressure and not the rumored overdose.

Scott Hall did indeed show up at Top Rope Promotions on Friday but it was an appearance that he probably regrets. While I won’t say with uncertainty that Hall was inebriated because I didn’t see a drug or alcohol test, yet Hall was definitely messed up on something whether it was an illness, narcotics, alcohol, or medication because he was not just not right. The appearance is incredibly disturbing, especially for the fans and media that recently applauded him for missing the Hall of Fame due to his struggle with sobriety.

The video shows Hall being dragged to the ring as if he was kidnapped and drugged by terrorists. Hall gets in the ring and cuts a promo that is best described as a lot of slurring. Hall is then confronted as part of a wrestling angle and bumped. Hall refused to leave the ring after the angle and had to be escorted out by police officers. According to the night ended with Hall visiting a local hospital. Hall’s “rep” told TMZ that Hall went to the hospital for cardiac issues. Wow, and you thought Charlie Sheen‘s ex-publicist had a bad client.

Former WWE superstar Scotty 2 Hotty was also on the Top Rope Promotions show and sent the following tweet moments after Hall’s appearance. “Just witnessed the saddest, most embarrassing thing in my career!!!! How many guys have to die before some guys learn?”

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I have mixed emotions watching the video. On the one hand, it is beyond sad at this point that Scott Hall continues to struggle with his addictions. Hall was one of the biggest stars in the pro wrestling boom period of the 90s and would likely still have a job with either the WWE or TNA Wrestling if he could keep himself straight. His struggles with sobriety have cost Hall his family, his money, his reputation, and his career. The only thing left is his life which appears to be in serious jeopardy at this point.

On the other hand, Top Rope Promotions should be downright ashamed of themselves. I find the fact that they took Hall who was obviously a wreck and allowed him to perform an outright disgrace. Putting him in front of people as part of a wrestling angle which included a bump is just beyond comprehension to me. No, they don’t have the responsibility of being someone’s babysitter. But, Hall could have seriously have hurt someone whether it be himself, one of the wrestlers in the ring, a staff member, or even a fan. If your show is that poorly booked where you have to rely on shoving a pro wrestler out there that is obviously in no condition to wrestle, well you shouldn’t be running wrestling shows. It is almost criminal to me. Promotions like this are what give independent wrestling promoters a bad name.

Then again, I shouldn’t just stop at “independent pro wrestling promotions”. TNA Wrestling did almost the exact same thing a month ago with Jeff Hardy.

[adinserter block=”1″]I met Scott Hall a few years back and conducted an RF Video Shoot Interview with him in person. I have to tell you, in almost fifteen years of interviews that Hall may have been my favorite. He was incredibly smart to the wrestling business but more importantly, his passion for it came through with every second of the interview. He couldn’t have been a nicer guy before, during, and after the interview. Hall was the kind of guy I felt that I could hang out with days on end and never get tired of listening to him talk about pro wrestling. Unfortunately most people don’t get to see that side of Scott Hall these days or in the last ten years.

So where do you go from here? If you are an independent pro wrestling promoter you would have to be a moron for booking Hall at this point. Sure, he could clean himself up and stay sober for years but he hasn’t done it yet and at 52 years old I don’t see that happening. I hope that he can clean himself someday and get his life back in order because pro wrestling could really use a sober Scott Hall. Unfortunately nobody should have any time for the Scott Hall seen in this video.

Update: Now that Scott Hall has resumed being Scott Hall, he is reportedly furious that the video made its way onto the Internet and will be a part of a pay per view. A rep for Scott Hall told, “We find the footage to be very distasteful and not suitable for a pay-per-view audience and it’s sad that the promoter has decided to air the uncut footage from the pay-per-view.”

In other words, tune in to their low rent pay per view to see all of the footage that they are so “upset” about it.

I have to admit I have a lot less sympathy for Scott Hall after this latest turn of events. How about an “I’m sorry” to his friends, family, and fans that continue to support and believe in him instead of a cheap plug?

Update #2: Top Rope Promotions released a statement.

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  1. most likely was booze and drugs but if you have low BP, then it could affect your behaviour and speech.
    I have a friend who has very low BP and has fainted a few times, right before that happens he is disoriented and has problem expressing himself 2 to 15mins beforehand.

    Another friend has an uncle who has diabetes and he says he has also seen him incoherent because of his illness.

    So while it most likey isnt a disease, the symptoms you mentioned means that it could have been.

    And you take it way to seriously…its entertainment.
    People go see Jake the Snake not because he can still wrestle but because he might stick out his dick, pass out or barf on the audience.
    Dean Martin made a whole career out of playing a drunk because people like to watch that.

    lets not start worrying about things like health.
    you play NFL or WWE and chances are you will die early.
    they are games that wreck your body and take years from your life.
    Yet even though we know that the NFL player will die 20yrs younger than the average and suffer serious brain trauma, we DONT CARE.
    We keep watching because those deaths will take place away from the lights so we pretend we dont see it.

    So if I dont care about the health of NFL/WWE athletes, Im not gonna be a hypocrite and worry about health ramifications of some drunkard.

  2. this sucks!!! he needs help bad or we will lose another superstar of enterainment. people pray for him that he will get help. friends family please someone needs step up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Eric, I agree with your article, but are shoot interview companies just as guilty as this promotion when they conduct a shoot interview with someone who is incoherent and then charge $20?

  4. If anyone had the best interest of Scott Hall in mind they would not let him within 100 miles of any wrestling related event until or unless his health or his addiction issues improve.

    Get well soon Chico

  5. I never understand these stories. It's not like he shows up IN THE RING…he shows up backstage where whatever the equivalent of a Stage Manager in wrestling decides "Sure he can go on."

    If a wrestler comes to a show drunk…that's their fault they are if any in breech of contract. If a wrestler comes drunk and the bookers or whoever PUT HIM ON….that's their fault. They're stupid, you want money I get it but throwing a guy out there when he's messed up so he could possibly hurt himself or someone else is stupid and you shouldn't be allowed to make those decisions anymore…the state or whatever should take away your license to hold events.

    • We don't seem to agree often but we are in 100% agreement here. I absolutely agree that this promotion's license should be revoked or suspended. Their statement is even more ridiculous.

    • the only people even bring health trouble into this are the people who work for him…fellow wrestlers that were there (scotty too hottie for example) have said he was on something f


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