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Dina Manzo will be Teresa Giudice’s Maid of Honor: Everything You Need To Know

Dina Manzano will be Teresa Giudice’s Maid of Honour at the August wedding Kim Depoloa reveals. Teresa’s 4 daughters will also be a part of the Bridesmaids, Aurdiana 13, Milina 16, Gabrillea 18, Gia 21 will also be in the group. Kim Depoloa says “I would definitely say Luis’ sisters. There’s no question,” she said, adding, “I would say her daughters, too.”Though no longer friends, DePaola and Giudice still run in similar circles in New Jersey. The former says she has the “inside scoop” on the latter’s big day”.  

The Real Housewife of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice got engaged to ‘Luis’ Louis Ruesallo. In a recent episode of “Watch what happens with Andy Cohen,” Mellisa Gorg, sister-in-law reveals that she won’t be one of the bridesmaids instead Gudice’s 4 daughters are going to be a part of the bridesmaid’s group. When Andy Cohen asked the question to Teresa, she was very quick to say no to the fact that Mellisa Gorga won’t be her bridesmaid. “Don’t make a big deal. I mean, come on,” Giudice, 49, warned Cohen, 53, seemingly referring to Gorga”. Cohen also asked if this will be news to Mellisa, and Teresa replied “I guess so. I mean, hello! We’re on national TV,”. Although, Mellisa won’t be one of the bridesmaids. Rumours are Mellisa and his husband (Giudice’s brother) will be invited to the wedding.

Mellisa’s Reaction?

Mellisa showed her support to the sister-in-law. The singer also mentioned that she had a brief idea about, not making the cut in the Bridesmaid list. Although the News was quite surprising to her. I did find out on TV that I’m not going to be at Teresa’s wedding and I’m not a bridesmaid, which I’m OK with. I’m fine with [it],” the singer said during an episode of her “Melissa Gorga on Display” podcast. “I understand. To each their own. Mellisa even said that she is going to support her sister-in-law no matter what. 

Relationship with Fiance?

It is going to be happily ever after for the couple. Weeding planning has begun in full throttle for Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice. The couple began seeing each other in November 2020. It did take a lot of time for Ruelas to realize that Teresa is the one for her. In October 2021 Real Housewife of New Jersey star announced that Luis proposed on their trip to Greece. This could not be more Romantic!

My Fiancé, you are such a beautiful person inside and out. I love everything about you, especially your heart and the way you treat me and my daughters. You are amazing in so many ways one thing I admire about you is what a great Dad you are,” Giudice wrote on  Instagram at the time. “I am so lucky to have found you thank you for coming into my life. I know my parents sent you to me from that day I prayed to them on Bay Blvd.

I adore you endlessly. You are the love of my life, my soulmate, and my everything. I Love you ❤️.” Ruelas says he know she was the one for him as soon as he met Giudice. The couple is to tie the knot in New Jersey. The wedding will occur in the Summer of 2022.

We don’t know who all are invited to the wedding but Teresa did say on the Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen that she would love to see him attend their wedding. Fans are super excited about the wedding, but we don’t know yet if the wedding will be aired on Housewives of New Jerseys. For more updates on the wedding, stay tuned!



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