Diego Sanchez wins wild UFC Main-Event


Clay Guida vs. Diego Sanchez was expected to be a great main-event. Yet even the most studious MMA analysts couldn’t have predicted the crazy fight that they produced at The Ultimate Fighter Finale. These two gave UFC fans one of the most exciting fights in UFC history all for free on Spike TV.

I am a fan of both fighters and had high expectations going into the fight. The fight well exceeded my own expectations. The words Fight of the Year are thrown around rather loosely these days. Well I dare you to name me a fight with more drama or action by this point in 2009?

The action started well before the bell. The crowd went crazy for Guida as he entered the octagon singing his own song. Diego Sanchez subsequently entered with one of the greatest entrances of all-time. Sanchez had a look on him that would probably get him jail time in some states.

As soon as Sanchez made his way to the octagon, the two locked eyes. In the octagon, the two had a stare down that produced one of the most intense moments in MMA history. Guida started yelling at Sanchez, “This is my house” and quite honestly I am surprised this one didn’t start before the bell.

Once the bell rang Sanchez came out with a flurry. Sanchez dominated Guida with strikes and knees. Guida loves to throw down but he was well overmatched here. Sanchez continued to dominate Guida. Sanchez nailed a high kick that finally took Guida down. I couldn’t believe that Guida was still fighting. The round ended with a bloody Guida and a psycho Sanchez.

It looked as if Sanchez was going to finish it once Round 2 started. Clay Guida had other plans. The guy must have a chin made of stone. Guida was able to comeback and dominate Sanchez on the ground. Sanchez fought back with crazy elbows from the bottom to Guida’s head. Saying this was an awesome round would be an understatement.

[adinserter block=”1″]The third round saw Sanchez a little more hesitant to engage early on. Sanchez’s hesitation finally eroded and he went in for the kill. Once again Guida absorbed the onslaught and fought back. Guida took Sanchez down again and dominated him on the ground. Sanchez tried hard for a kimura but wasn’t able to power into the move. The round ended with Guida nailing Sanchez with a flurry or strikes. The finish was tremendous!

Joe Rogan pointed out the possibility of a draw which would have been devastating. The fight came down to a split decision. Sanchez won the fight specifically due to dominating the first round. Both men hugged and put each other in their post-fight interviews. It was amazing that two wild animals were able to turn it off instantly just seconds later.

I would put this fight easily on par with the first Ultimate Fighter final between Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin. Sanchez is without a question back to prime form. Guida is like Wanderlei Silva who can lose 20 in a row and nobody would care. People just respect his fight and his heart. The guy is truly an animal.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this show break ratings records. Like Griffin-Bonnar, I could see the audience increasing and peaking to record numbers by the end of the fight. This is one of those fights that will go down in the UFC Hall of Fame.

Diego Sanchez, he has put himself next in line for the winner of the BJ Penn-Kenny Florian UFC lightweight title match. Sanchez did mention that cutting to 155 was hard, so I wonder how long he will fight in that division. UFC has to be watering at the mouth for a Florian-Sanchez rematch. Sanchez beat Florian to win their division in the first Ultimate Fighter season.

Overall it was a tremendous show and arguably the best Ultimate Fighter finale show as a whole. James Wilks and Ross Pearson won their respective divisions in this year’s Ultimate Fighter. Joe Stevenson opened up the show winning a tremendous match against Nate Diaz. Former Ultimate Fighter contestant, Chris Lytle also won a bloody brawl over Kevin Burns.

The Ultimate Fighter Finale replays this Tuesday night at 9 PM/EST on Spike TV.

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