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Did We Just Witness A Change in WWE Character?

After watching the end to Raw on Monday night, I am left with two schools of thinking.

The first centers around an idea that all of this “potential” siding with The Authority is just a cover-up by the McMahon’s and Randy Orton to again get the best of John Cena. Somehow I believe Stephanie McMahon would put herself in harms way for the good of the WWE and what is best for business.

The other is quite simple – the sight we saw with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Kane and a shocked John Cena could very well be the new power family of the company and finally, we as fans get exactly what we want.

To steal a phrase from ESPN College Game Day analyst Lee Corso, “Not so fast, my friends.” If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. So, with blinders on and a chance to really make a statement in this anti-climactic pay-per-view, I am thinking the “Cena Switch” is on.

Admittedly, I never thought the idea of a Hulk Hogan heel turn would ever work, but that along with the forming of the original n.W.o. will go down as the two greatest swerves in wrestling history. The third could be coming Sunday night.

Here are a few thoughts.

Cena has come off as a pompous champion since he won the World Title and while Randy Orton appears to have remained true to character, the idea of a more than over the top Orton has crossed my mind – leading The Authority to rethink their steps and go in another direction. Cena is logical because – well- he claims he will always remain true to his character and his beliefs.

But even a man who generates $100 million has his price. Thanks, Ted DiBiase.

I am not so worried about what happens when Cena makes this turn (and I could be wrong of course), but rather what happens Monday night or Friday night when the Unified Champion walks back into the ring. Orton gets another title shot at the Royal Rumble. There will be three or four contenders for the title and it will be a curiosity to see how Cena interacts with Triple H on camera as “partners” on screen. There has to be some believability there and while Cena has made a few movies in his day, bad ones I might add, he will need to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes to get over on this one.

Does this mean the WWE repackages Orton and his character? Does it lead to a new feud with Daniel Bryan (and Bella vs. Bella)? Does the Bryan remain locked into the angle with The Wyatts? How does CM Punk factor into all of this? And let’s not forget the push Roman Reigns, E Langston and Damien Sandow are getting right about now.

Things in the WWE look like they could be better, but they are muddled as well. Maybe one good Sweet Chin Music to Orton’s mug or a cross face to the jaw by Cena would help.

I guess it’s time for Cena to go rogue. Like Ric Flair, like Sting and like the almighty red and yellow, everyone has to have their day on the other side of the fence.

Cena’s will come Sunday night. Can he deliver in one of the most needful times in the WWE? He has been the “go to” wrestler in the past to save the company (like Hogan years before) and now he will be counted on to do it again.

If this comes off like it could, a new door will be opened in the WWE and a lot of kinks could be worked out in one strong move aimed to win back some of what the company lost in 2013.

It’s doable, the question is can it work?

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