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Diary of a Pro Wrestling Mad Man

[adinserter block=”1″]This may be one of the craziest videos you will ever see. The video highlights excerpts of a recent interview with former WWE and WCW wrestler, Billy Jack Haynes. Quite frankly, the guy is nuts. Haynes lets loose with a world of conspiracy theories and accusations towards Vince McMahon and other wrestlers that will make you cringe.

Billy Jack Haynes reached his biggest success wrestling at WrestleMania III. Billy Jack was a big territorial star on his way up to the WWE. Since losing his job, he has slid into a dark world of drugs and alleged organized crime. Needless to say, it has been quite a while since Billy Jack Haynes has laced up the boots.

I actually met Billy Jack a few hours after he shot this interview. I can honestly tell you that there was a vibe about him that was downright scary. Not too mention the fact that he stunk.

Visit for more information. Be warned, there is strong language on the video.

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  1. eric what is paul orndorff and hogan's real relationship like/ since you were with paul for behind closed doors is there real hatred or jealousy?

  2. I think Scott Halls was great and so wasnt Kevin Nash's. Nash is hilarious and had some good stories.

    I liked Vaders from his house and he was real informative about his WWF run and the backstage stuff with WCW.

    I thought Raven had a really good one. I never knew the guy could talk as much as he did.

    The Nasty Boys had a good one which I just listened to last night.

    Bam Bam Bigelow was good, he seemed real down to earth.

    I wish there would have been a Curt Hennig shoot video, but you had a great interview with him on your show. Never saw his fathers but also listened to your show with him on it and it was excellent

  3. Off the top of my head, I will tell you that Scott Hall was absolutely one of my favorites. He was fascinating to listen to and just had some great stories. He is a guy I wish I would have spent more time with.

    Vader was great. I was always a fan and it was very cool to go out and shoot it at his house.

    I loved doing the Bruno Sammartino shoot. Probably because I have a friendship with him, but I can listen to him any day.

    I liked Dan Spivey a lot. He was really edgy at first but really seemed to get into things by the end.

    Larry Hennig was another good one. I think his shoot is real underrated. He had a great memory and had tons of interesting stories.

    RVD is an old classic favorite of mine. "I'm no psychic!"

    It sounds like a cop out, but I really had a great time with most of them. Nobody has ever been a jerk about it or anything I have asked. Mostly everyone warms up by the end and are even more friendly after the interviews than before them. I can't recall anyone ever being a jerk about anything.

    Off the top of my head, those were definitely my favorites. Which did you like best from what you have seen?

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  4. Yeah I can definitely see that. He kept repeating himself and his stories of trying to commit suicide were nuts.

    Eric, what were some of your favorite shoot interviews that you have conducted. I've heard a bunch and I always enjoyed the ones you did.

  5. I listened to the interview that RF did with Haynes back in 2006 and the guy really is nuts. You could tell he had some mental issues. I mean it sounds like he went through a lot in his life, but it also sounds like he didnt help himself much when he had the chance. But geez this guy really is messed up

    • Yeah absolutely. I heard some stuff from the RF guys about him before the interview but man. I met him for a few minutes and you just get the feeling that somethng is not right with him.


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