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Diana Hart on WWE: Owen – Hart of Gold and Owen Hart’s Legacy

Yes, I think it was the right thing to do for the memory of Owen and the legacy he left in the world. It’s been long overdue that anything to do with Owen was not allowed to be used. For over fifteen years, Owen’s name has been restricted and prevented from being used to honor his legacy, due to his widows Martha’s wishes and the lawsuit Martha had after Owen’s death.

[adinserter block=”1″]Owen, however, wasn’t just Martha’s husband. He was Stu and Helen Harts’ (my parents) beautiful son; he was the baby brother to eleven brothers and sisters, (myself included), he was the adoring uncle to so many nephews and nieces; (again my own children included); he was the best friend to his many brothers-in-law; he was the bright, shining light in the dressing room, cheering up his friends and he was the hero and inspiration to the millions of fans who he loved and who loved him back, worldwide.

There was a great affection shared between Owen and his fans. Owen should be remembered and immortalized for the sake of his fans. I know WWE want to honor Owen and his life, his whole world. They would not do anything but be respectful. I really feel it is selfish of anyone who tries to stand in the way of this. I know WWE is not doing it to be disrespectful. They have their royalty deals with everyone, and I certainly don’t see them making any wrongful exception to Martha. She would be entitled to the same as anyone else in the company for a DVD. So it is not about the money or that WWE is not wanting of offer Martha the same deal as they give the rest of their stars. It is not WWE who is in the way here. It is Martha who is the holdup, from what I can see, and, to me, it is selfish.

As I said before, we all lost Owen. He was so special, and he deserves better than to be buried, forgotten, and we all act like he was never around, except in the capacity of Martha’s husband. I feel bad for sounding off here, because I know there are two children, Owen’s children, who are missing out on so much, as we all are, but they didn’t really get to see how much of an impact their father had on his friends worldwide, thanks to wrestling. They are not benefiting from the love we still have for their dad.They don’t know their family on Owen’s side.

It is a shame, because I would certainly love to get to know them and have them get to know us. We are all sharing some of Owen in our blood. But, I imagine they hear horror stories about the wrestling and think we are dangerous and not worth knowing. But, getting back to the question, I think it is long overdue for the WWE’s DVD on Owen, and I believe it has not been done already because of legal battles between them wanting to do it and Martha not wanting it to be done.

[adinserter block=”2″]Take your side, I guess, and support who you want. I am not sure, however, if WWE had enough creative freedom to do what they would normally do, which is a five star production with the family helping and giving the project their blessing. If they have had their hands tied, which I don’t know is the case, but just surmising, they will do the best they can do, but it will be restricted.

I think they will still do a terrific job, because they care about this DVD, but I suspect it will come with limitations. Owen loved what he did, and loved all of his fans and he should never be forgotten. Owen was such a warm, funny, caring, kind, giving, humble person, and I think in this new DVD you’ll see new family members you haven’t seen before speak in it, and speak about what an amazing person and brother Owen was, and share stories about him. I hope this DVD will do Owen’s legacy and memory justice, and showcases what an all-around incredible man, brother, son, and wrestler he was.

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Diana Hart
Trainer, writer and artist, Diana Hart was born into Stu and Helen Harts’ legendary pro-wrestling family in 1963 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Diana studied Fine Arts at the University of Calgary before performing in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), then known as the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) alongside her late husband Davey Boy Smith (The British Bulldog), late brother Owen Hart, and brother Bret Hitman Hart. In 2001, whilst based in Tampa Florida, Diana’s autobiography, Under The Mat, made Alberta’s top ten nonfiction best-seller list. She has two children, Harry, who wrestles all over the world as Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Georgia, an actress and voice-over artist based in England. Diana now resides back in Calgary. Her latest novel, Cauliflower Heart: Trilogy: A Romantic Wrestler is the first in a trilogy and it has been honorably recognized by the Hollywood Book Festival, Miami Reader’s Favorite, and the Southern California Book Festival. Her book is available on or


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