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Details On Jeff Hardy’s Return To TNA Wrestling

The Hardys taser Reby SkyIt didn’t take long for TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers to leak out from the Huntsville, Alabama taping last Thursday. While you got the usual mixed bag of TNA Wrestling it was the return of Jeff Hardy that made these spoilers more interesting than others. How would Hardy return to TNA?

Beware that the following will contain TNA Impact Wrestling spoilers for the September 8 broadcast. If you wish not to re

[adinserter block=”2″]TNA continued their mix of shoot and script with a lot more shoot when it came to the return of Jeff Hardy. Jeff returned as a babyface, yes after last appearing stumbling and bumbling on the Victory Road pay per view, Hardy is now a babyface, a hero to the young folk of TNA Wrestling. The basic gist of the promo saw Hardy asking fans and TNA for just “one more chance.”

Jeff came out to cut a promo to close the September 8 Impact Wrestling episode. Jeff cut a promo telling fans he screwed up. He apologized to the fans and the “boys in the back” for his actions, specifically his performance at Victory Road. The end of the promo had the live audience chanting, “One more chance” for The Enigma as he stood in the center of the ring begging for an opportunity.

Well it could have been worse right? I have to admit, that I think if TNA is going to bring back Jeff, this was a great way to reintroduce him to the audience. Let’s face it, his garbage is out there. While not every fan watching TNA Wrestling reads the Internet, their eyes didn’t lie at Victory Road. Quite frankly this could turn out to be a money move for TNA if they can present a long angle featuring Jeff’s road to redemption and his chase of the TNA championship. Unfortunately this has every chance of turning into a disaster more than a success thanks to Jeff.

Dave Meltzer reports that Jeff has not changed his ways and the people around him are more concerned than ever. We obviously know where Matt’s state of mind is at, yet at the same time I won’t pin that Jeff. The point being is that this story could work, if Jeff really was on the road to redemption. All you have to do is watch a couple of the videos that Matt posted on You Tube recently to see everything you need to know about Jeff’s current situation. It isn’t good and enough people are smart enough to see that, yet killing some big potential here with the payoff.

[adinserter block=”1″]The real irony here is that you are trying to work this real-life angle around Jeff Hardy getting one more chance. That would have been great eight years ago, but Jeff has had numerous chances over the course of his career. Quite frankly he has probably had more second chances in TNA than he ever had in the WWE. Just hiring the guy back in itself after the stuff he pulled on his first tour with the company should have been second chance enough. This is more like a dozen or so chances at this rate.

The real tragedy here is that even with his troubles, Jeff continues to be one of the most talented pro wrestlers in the business when he is on his game. His charisma is almost second to none in TNA Wrestling. He could probably walk back into the WWE and be a top guy tomorrow. Unfortunately his struggles have done more to hold him back than any booker ever did throughout his career. Until he can really put those demons to rest, or at least keep them under control, he will always be a high risk performer.

A risk which TNA is obviously willing to take.

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  1. Like you said, Eric. It's one thing if this was actually a second chance. However, it's closer to a dozen, if not more. He's getting yet another chance here while some very talented wrestlers out there are still waiting on their first chance. Jeff doesn't deserve another chance at all at this point. Like I said in my column, it's only a matter of time before he blows it again anyway.

  2. jeff&matt hardy suck neither one can wrestle all they can do is cry like a baby just give me one more chance sounds like christen their no way he can beat randy orton he only got that position cause his brother left supposly cause of an injury but now he staring on a tv show icant even think of his name little help?


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