The Self-Destruction of Matt Hardy


Matt HardyAfter being sent home by the WWE from England, Matt Hardy has gone on a Twitter and You Tube campaign to bury the WWE and essentially get himself fired. The impending separation between the WWE and Matt Hardy makes Mel and Oksana look like a fairy tale.

It all started last week when the WWE sent Matt Hardy home from the England tour. There are lots of rumors and speculation as to why Matt was sent home, but let’s just say that the fact the WWE revised its drug policy a few days later is probably not a coincidence. Matt Hardy never one to keep his mouth shut, immediately started a viral campaign on You Tube and recorded one of the most bizarre videos that you will ever see.

[adinserter block=”1″]In his video, Matt Hardy denies being sent home from England. Matt takes his video camera and shows viewers that he is still in England, criticizes “dirt sheets” (for a guy so innovative, someone should tell him that dirt sheets went away with the 12” cell phone), the Pro Wrestling Torch website, said that all of the news was false and even hinted at CM Punk being the one who leaked the information. It doesn’t take a doctor to notice that Matt does not look well in the video, especially towards the very end. As bizarre as the video was itself, even more bizarre is the WWE confirming that Matt was indeed sent home to Newsday, thus making the video even more strange.

It didn’t stop there. Matt Hardy has been on a Twitter frenzy the last week that only Kevin Nash could appreciate. Here are some of Matt’s greatest hits over the last week. Taken from Matt Hardy’s Twitter

“Here’s a quick hello to all my people & a reaussurance to everyone that I’m fine, healthy, & in good spirits. Thx for all of your support. When the time is right, I’ll put everything out there as far as what “really” went down. I know I have to protect me & my brand, & I will. I appreciate the fans so much that I’ll always be honest with them, & the whole story certainly isn’t out ther now. I appreciate all of the things the WWE has done 4 me in the past, they have been gracious to me–but now, it’s decision time for me. Thx all.”

“I LOVE reading people’s feedback-positive or negative. For the DS “writers” who’ve eaten the tweets out of my hands & relayed them, thank u.”

“Do u ladies & gents believe the talented Bryan Danielson was ever really released from WWE? Wanna hear your thoughts & feedback.”

“Wow, my Twitter’s goin crazy, just had over 1000 mentions! At the gym doin an hour of cardio, tryin 2 get in ROH shape. Got a ? for u guys.”

“And it’s because I’ve always gone the extra mile for my fans, & always will, cuz I truly love, respect, & appreciate u all. Thank u so much.”

“Before Hogan, Austin, Cena, even HBK, who has a twitter, FB, & a YT channel, starting personally interacting with fans via the net.. I was!”

“Today’s been a fun day-made a trip outta town & met with some peeps about some cool outside of wrestling projects-I like being my own boss.”

“4 those keepin count, only me*cough* I’ve dropped from my heaviest weight of 250-weighed in at 221 2day. Can Subway Jared get me a deal? LOL.”

“New body, new haircut, I’m looking to have all kinds of new stuff.. Maybe I’ll even get my nose that’s been broken 4 times fixed, who knows?”

“As he “dirt-sheets” say, I’m my own best promoter.. So who knows where I’ll end up in the future-I gotta give em something to write about :)”

“BTW, a fan today called me “The Pioneer of Pro Wrestling Social-Networking”-I like that-it fits & is a flattering compliment. Print
that DS!”

“Before Hogan, Austin, Cena, even HBK, who has a twitter, FB, & a YT channel, starting personally interacting with fans via the net.. I was!”

“And it’s because I’ve always gone the extra mile for my fans, & always will, cuz I truly love, respect, & appreciate u all. Thank u so much.”

The icing on the cake came when Matt replied to a question on Twitter.

@MATTHARDYBRAND What r the chances 2 c u @ WWE Europe tour in November? Or would it be better 2 buy tics 4 TNA in Berlin in January?

Matt – “I’d go with Berlin..”


It should be pointed out that Matt Hardy hasn’t been officially fired from the WWE as of this writing. One would think that either Matt knows that he is about to get fired or that he is intentionally trying to push the WWE into firing him. Regardless of the motivation, it looks like Matt Hardy has officially cracked and lost his mind.

It amazes me that after a highly successful WWE career in which Matt likely attained all of his dreams, fame, and fortune that he would spend this much time worrying about what people say or report about him. Other than Mick Foley’s rant on Dave Meltzer, I can’t recall any pro wrestling star in recent years spending five minutes of their busy days worrying about Internet rumors. More bizarre than that, is that he is spending all of this time refuting reports that have been confirmed by the WWE! What exactly is the end game here?

Reportedly, the only reason he hasn’t been fired yet is that the company doesn’t want to hand TNA Wrestling a Hardy Boyz reunion. I have no idea why the WWE would worry or even care about that in 2010. An N.W.O. reunion, Ric Flair, Ken Kennedy, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, and Rob Van Dam have done nothing at all to make TNA competitive. I can’t imagine that a reunion of the Hardy Boyz is anything that is going to light TNA Wrestling on fire and turn it around.

It boggles my mind as to why someone working for the biggest company in pro wrestling, making a great living, and other than his own indiscretions likely had great job security would throw it all away because of negative Internet reports. To me, this comes off as a guy that is so consumed with himself that he would throw his career away to rebut Internet reports (which again are true). In the locker rooms the wrestlers would refer to this as a guy being a “mark” for himself.

[adinserter block=”2″]Matt Hardy and the WWE had a major falling out in 2005. The business was much different than and Matt had deeper options. It was a hotter time and TNA Wrestling was a young, hungry company with momentum that looked like a viable option. Today, the pro wrestling business as a whole is in decline and TNA Wrestling looks more like a company one day away from closing its doors than it does a company of opportunity. The company also felt used by Matt in 2005 and there may be some hard feelings there (although I am sure Dixie is admiring Matt’s use of Twitter.) On top of that, with low buyrates who is to say that TNA Wrestling is any position to acquire Matt Hardy financially?

At one time Matt Hardy had a huge following of diehard fans. I have to believe that they have moved on. Those same teenage girls that were screaming for Matt Hardy ten years ago probably aren’t watching wrestling anymore. If the Hardy brothers still had that same fanbase, I’d have to think that Jeff would be blowing TNA ratings and buyrates out of the park and he is not. Matt Hardy is 35 years old and my guess is that the appeal with teenage girls he once had is not exactly there anymore.

Matt Hardy has talked continually about controlling his own destiny in his tweets and videos. Unless Matt is opening up his own wrestling company or getting into MMA that is one of the dumbest things a pro wrestler could say. The only big time angle that Matt Hardy has been in over the last few years was his angle against his brother Jeff. Other than that feud, Matt Hardy was never a superstar headliner in the WWE other than a few main-events. If Matt thinks that he is going to walk into another company and become the top star, he really is out of his mind or got his hands on those same pictures of Dixie Carter that Vince Russo, Hulk Hogan, and Eric Bischoff have.

Look, I like Matt Hardy. I interviewed him on my radio show and he was a real nice guy and very professional off of the air. A part of me feels sorry for him just knowing him in the brief time that I interviewed him and set up the interview. But he is making the WWE look like a joke right now. Matt Hardy has claims that certain “dirt sheets” have it out for him. The only one who looks like he has it out for Matt Hardy right now is Matt Hardy.

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  1. hi matt my husband,im elnaz23 iran&ur#1 fan in 2 worlds,matt i only listen to ur says&i just believe the things that u say,becuz i trust u&i know u r a honest boy that i ever seen**i believe ur say when u say i am in england&now im sooo happy that u r fine,i hope u be always fine&health&glad&lover of me ha ha&good luck my honey(godwilling)i pray for u always&4 ever&i want u from our kind god&i never give up like u,matt u r so kind&cool&funny&goodlooking&…u r a mercy boy&u always support ur family&frnds in every level,if U ACCEPT ME AS UR WIFE,i promise to make u happy&happiness to gods help,see me in ur dream

  2. Wouldn't it be crazy if this was all a work and Matt Hardy is revealed as the mystery general manager of raw who has been against edge recently

  3. Everyone always says buys have gone down. Post a source of said information please. Nope, I didn't think you could either. Want to know why? They are a private company and do not release official numbers. So yeah, feel free to guess, but that's all it is – a guess, nothing more.

    Matt Hardy does not equal ratings and/or money. Sorry, but he really doesn't. If Hogan, arguably the biggest name in the history of the business, couldn't make a positive difference in ratings, what chance does Matt Hardy have?

    Besides that, he behaves like a 12-year-old girl most of the time. Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there's a huge difference between voicing an opinion and just being a whiny baby.

  4. Philly, what numbers are you reading?

    Yes, a year ago they pulled 1.3-1.4, but after that abortion of a Monday Night War that TNA ran away from after 8 weeks, their ratings have stagnated at 0.9-1.1 since. Oh, and lets look at their horrible houseshow gates and non existent PPV buyrates and merchandise sales. The last Monday Night War made ratings a bigger deal than they are. No one buying their PPV's or merchandise while payroll has jumped exponentially is the reason they're deep in the hole.

    Eric Garguilo has been involved in wrestling for at least 10 years if not longer, I think he knows from what he speaks. Matt Hardy has never been able to take it to the next level and pushing him to it in TNA just because he was on WWE TV for 10 years and some fans follow him on Twitter isn't going to do anything for TNA's lousy (8,000 per PPV) buyrates.

  5. By reading this it sounds like this writer is:
    A> somewhat of a mark and knows nothing about being a wrestler. The problem with Matt is that he's become a jobber, not because he doesn't have talent but because WWE made him one. Unfortunately WWE doesn't like the things he has to say and because of that he will never be anything more than a jobber in that company. Wrestlers only like being in a company where you're being used properly. How would you feel being a world-class prostitute? That's what he's become traveling 24/7/365 and is nothing but a jobber.

    B> apparently hates TNA, new flash the business hasn't changed since 2005 the rates are exactly the same as 5 years ago. In fact TNA's ratings have gone up since 2005 from an average 1.0 to 1.4. Even though that doesn't compare to WWE it's still an increase in ratings. Sounds like more fanboy MMA wrestling hater writing.

    • Philly, obviously you know nothing about my background. B – Newsflash…it's fake! In your eyes, you'd rather go to TNA be a main-eventer, maybe even a champion, and make 2/3 less money. Basing a wrestler's career on wins/losses and not the amount of money he has made makes you sound like a mark.

      TNA's ratings have gone up since 2005 but their PPV buys which is where they make their money have gone down and their ratings in the last 12 months are down. I mean you can play fuzzy math all you want but the company is bleeding red and declining.

      I don't mind being criticized, but you sound like a complete idiot with this comment.

      • I admit TNA is doing poorly as is WWE and the only reason WWE can pull ratings as well as they can is because they're more well known. The thing i see is that many wrestlers are wrestlers because they love to entertain, not for the paycheck (as many involved in the business today are).The problem with Matt in question is that he's not being given the opportunity to do anything. His own career is put up to question when he's forced to travel constantly and is slowly on the decline with fans because he's not being put out there. Unfortunately today you won't make the big bucks unless you can draw and you can never do that without a lot of fans, and being well known. Since he's not being given the chance that's just not going to happen in WWE. Matt is kind of sh!t out of luck because TNA probably cannot afford to hire him at the kind of pay he's expecting, after all they were considering firing wrestlers earlier this year.

  6. "In his video, Matt Hardy denies being sent home from England."

    "…even more bizarre is the WWE confirming that Matt was indeed sent home to Newsday"

    So he says one thing…the WWE says another and that's considered proof? That's not "confirmation" of anything…that's just saying something. I wouldn't trust either of them but at least Matt tried to prove that he was still in England…whats the WWE's rebuttal? We have a PR department that says he's sent home?

  7. One thing you forget, Dixie Mark will hire him and overpay him. Ratings and buyrates won't go up and besides, Jeff's criminal trial could have him in jail before the 90 day no compete ends and Matt could be mid carding in TNA alone.


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