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Waahhh! Derek Anderson Is Mad!

Derek AndersonThe good times, the bad times, the hard times. When someone playing in the NFL encounters any of these circumstances, they usually thank 1) God, 2) the organization, or 3) the fans. I’ve witnessed Michael Irvin get a standing ovation for getting injured in Philadelphia and I’ve also seen Donovan McNabb get benched for having a horrible game but bounce back and win another. These guys never said one ill word towards the fans, but Mr. Derek Anderson has. Derek is sad he was let go of the Cleveland Browns. Derek is mad at the fans for cheering when he got hurt in 2008 with an MCL injury. Derek also currently doesn’t have a job.

[adinserter block=”1″]In all honesty, if I were to be cut by team I wouldn’t go about bashing the fans. What have they done to make his life oh so bad? Although he may not have had the easiest job at times, he did his part. He showed up to play, and let his actions speak on the field. He had one good season going 10-6 in 2007, and earning a spot in the Pro Bowl. Granted, most of his throws that season were to Braylon Edwards. He was known as a team leader even with going through the revolving door of starting QB between him and Brady Quinn. At the time, he didn’t say much to being starter and 2nd string quarterback and he didn’t bark when the fans wanted number 10 in. Since being cut, his silence has ended.

“The fans are ruthless and don’t deserve a winner.” Looks like they didn’t have one the entire time! Anderson also said, “I know at times I wasn’t great. I hope and pray I’m playing when my team comes to town and (we) roll them.” It sounds to me like Derek is acting like an angry 14 year old that just had his girlfriend stolen from him. Remember folks, this guy is also is getting paid millions of dollars to act and speak like this. I cannot wait until this season, until someone picks up D.A., and he does roll into Cleveland. What exactly is going to roll? I predict either Derek himself will be rolling on the ground or as seen many times, the ball rolling into the defense’s hands or across the hard field.

[adinserter block=”2″]Actions speak louder than words. Will D.A. manage to back his words up, and roll over the same team who thanked him for five hard working years and made him one of the highest paid backup quarterbacks in NFL history? Will number 3 roll out of Cleveland in an ambulance? I am in no way a fortune teller. I do see him on another team. I also see him getting a few wins for his new home. What do I see the most? I see his little temper tantrum coming back and biting him hard. Good luck in your future endeavors Derek, and tell the Browns hello for me!

Josh Usher has been a fan of sports and sports entertainment for over 20 years.

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