Delayed Hearing Could Take Chael Sonnen Out Of TUF 14

Chael Sonnen is a rumored TUF 14 coachDon’t get too excited for that Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping TUF season just yet. A NSAC hearing to license Sonnen as a second has been pushed back three weeks. The delay will likely force the UFC to abandon plans to use Chael Sonnen as a coach for The Ultimate Fighter 14.

Sonnen was scheduled to meet with the NSAC in regards to remarks he made during his PED hearing with the CASC about a conversation he claims he had with NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer. Sonnen told the CASC during his hearing that he and Kizer had a conversation and Kizer approved of his use of a testosterone enhancer which Kizer vehemently denies. Kizer has been on the warpath against Sonnen since then and this hearing was set to get to the bottom of it.

According to several reports, the April 27 hearing has been pushed back to May 18 due to Sonnen’s recent conviction. The county in which Sonnen would visit for his hearing has banned all out of state felons that particular week due to the Laughlin River Run which is a biker rally. Past violence at the rally is the reason the county has locked out all felons from out of state. Unfortunately for Sonnen once again timing was not on his side.

The hearing would have given Sonnen either a yes or no on getting the license he needs to be a coach on The Ultimate Fighter. Yes, coaches need what are called a second’s license to corner professional MMA fights. I really don’t understand why he would need to be licensed if the fights aren’t recorded and are considered amateur fights but apparently that’s the deal in Las Vegas.

At this rate it would appear that the chances of seeing Chael Sonnen either on The Ultimate Fighter or fighting in the UFC anytime soon incredibly slim. Dave Meltzer reported on his podcast that Spike TV and the UFC likely won’t be able to wait until May 18 to see whether Sonnen can get licensed to be a coach on The Ultimate Fighter. Meltzer reports that meetings will be held today to determine a Plan B for the show. Meltzer speculates that May 18 may be too long of a wait and that Zuffa and Spike will move on from Sonnen.

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While Dana White has publicly said that Sonnen and Bisping aren’t under consideration, he has a track record of lying when it comes to The Ultimate Fighter. White has also stated numerous times that he would lie again to protect the integrity of the show. So any statements coming from Dana White about The Ultimate Fighter should not be taken as gospel in my opinion.

Chael Sonnen has gone from one of the most entertaining fighters in MMA to just downright obnoxious since UFC 117. I like Sonnen as a fighter and loved his promos, but continuing this shtick after being popped twice for more or less being a liar makes his promos a joke in my opinion. The whole Sonnen persona he created going into that Silva vs. Sonnen fight was that Sonnen was exposing Silva and everyone else as frauds and he was really the man of character that UFC fans could get behind to dethrone the evil Silva. I expected a more humble Sonnen coming out of this mess but he was the same old Sonnen in his first interview since his sentencing.

As for the idea of Sonnen and Bisping, I don’t know if I could stomach either one of their arrogant personalities for five minutes on TUF. However with that said, anything would be a dramatic improvement over this season’s coaches. No disrespect to either guy, but neither TUF 13 coach this season appears to be interested in giving the other added incentive for their upcoming fight. I get it, but it’s not what I want to see on The Ultimate Fighter.

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