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Degeneration X Rumored To Headline WWE 2014 Hall Of Fame Class

[adinserter block=”1″]It may be several months away but WWE 2014 Hall of Fame rumors are starting to heat up. The latest reports indicate that a major faction could headline the event, including a name you probably wouldn’t expect to see on WWE television ever again. reports that early plans for the entire Degeneration X faction to top next year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. That faction would include Triple H, Billy Gunn, The Road Dogg, Sean Waltman, and…Chyna. Yep, Joanie Laurer is reportedly under consideration for the honor according to reports.

The idea of headlining the WWE Hall of Fame with DX is not necessarily breaking news. DX were rumored and at times reported to be headlining the 2013 ceremony. According to reports they were bumped to 2014 when Bruno Sammartino surprised the office by accepting a deal to enter the HOF. The big news here is Laurer as her name was never mentioned in the earlier reports.

I would suspect that like this year that these plans could all drastically change if the WWE could come to terms with The Ultimate Warrior. All of the signs right now seem to be pointing to the Warrior returning to the WWE and taking the spotlight in the New Orleans ceremony. I would suspect that either the Outlaws go in this year with the Warrior or they all wait it out one more year.

The idea of inducting the faction before Triple H goes in a bit surprising to me. I would have guessed that Triple H would go in first and that they’d save the faction for a later date. Going in twice is nothing new as Ric Flair did it solo and then later as part of the Four Horsemen. I just see Triple H being used as a headliner at some point and if that’s the case, the idea of inducting him with the group first makes little sense to me.

I am very surprised to read that Joanie Laurer is being considered for the induction. I get the idea that Vince McMahon is willing to bury hatchets for the Hall of Fame and that if Bruno can go, anyone can go but there is something a little unsettling that he would bury the hatchet with a woman who mocked his family in porn before he’d put differences aside with Randy Savage when he was alive. Maybe I am being a bit nit picky there but I can’t see it any other way.

[adinserter block=”1″]There is also the Sting factor. Sting’s contract with TNA Wrestling should be up in time for him to consider signing with the WWE by WrestleMania 30. If Sting is available he’d be a natural to go while the ceremony is in New Orleans. I can’t see Sting and Warrior co-headlining but you have to think he’d be a Plan B if Warrior doesn’t work out before DX.

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  1. Interesting that Shawn Michaels and the late Rick Rude are not going to be a part of this faction. After all, the original DX, was HBK, Triple H, Chyna, and Rick Rude (an enforcer, really), and then the others joined, etc. Just saying

    Good blog

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