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Dear WWE, keep doing longer World Title reigns! – Inside The Wheelhouse

CM Punk John Cena StaredownWith SummerSlam only days away I really hope I’m not inserting my foot into my mouth or jinxing this.

One of the best things to happen in the WWE this year is that they have placed a lot more prestige on both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. The reason why this has taken place is because the WWE is (for once) allowing World title reigns to carry on for a good part of the year. Here we are in August of 2012 and we have only had a combined three World & WWE Champions (CM Punk, Daniel Bryan & Sheamus).

[adinserter block=”2″]By doing such the WWE has taken a page out of the “old school” theories of wrestling that the best way to get a wrestler over is by putting a title on them and making them look invincible when they defend it. When that happens a wrestler is taken up the ladder and into the upper echelon’s of professional wrestling. It worked for many years in professional wrestling until society had short attention spans in the late-90s when the Championship’s were passed around like…well you enter your own joke here.

I remember in early-1999 the WWE passed the then WWF Championship around between The Rock and Mankind on multiple occasions. We didn’t care at the time because it helped get both stars over but wrestling was a different beast back then. As we have moved farther away from the “Attitude Era” we have come to see that WWE fans are back to wanting new stars to be put over and to see longer title reigns once again.

The WWE has done that once again by putting the World & WWE Championships on three wrestlers who were looking to break through the glass ceiling a year ago at this time.

CM Punk, in my opinion, is more over now then he was a year ago because he is a believable WWE Champion and a wrestler who is climbing the charts as a future face of the company. Sheamus was someone who was fluttering back & forth from being a top star or a mid-carder, he has since turned it around and is on pace to be one of the best faces in the last decade. Finally there is Daniel Bryan, who is regarded as one of the best technical wrestlers in all of professional wrestling and now one of the top heels in the business, his reign as World Champion helped elevate him to these current levels.

Personally I have been calling for these specific booking plans for quite sometime because I am a fan who grew up when long World Title reigns were cool and made you respect the Championship more as a fan. I really have enjoyed what they have done with all three of these wrestlers in the past year, most notably CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, because it is setting the foundation for the future of the business. It’s one of the best moves Triple H has done from a backstage role as he continues to move forward as the person in-charge of the WWE.

Obviously I like many other fans, fear that these title reigns will go for naught if they are dropped to wrestlers such as John Cena and Randy Orton. I say this not in a negative light of these two characters but because at this point in their careers they don’t need it. Cena and Orton are in the prime of their careers where they could be like Hogan & Savage were in the early-90s by not competing for the Championship but being just as important as a Title match on any PPV card.

The longer these title reigns are the better they will be, especially for someone like CM Punk. I can really see the WWE letting Punk hold onto the Championship for the rest of the year and go up against The Rock at Royal Rumble 2013. Want to sell some major buyrates? Fans will tune in to witness The Rock vs. CM Punk, especially if Punk can make himself a really great heel WWE Champion, while holding onto the title all this time; I always believe good heels make for better business (i.e. Vince McMahon in the “Attitude Era”).

While we are often quick to judge as wrestling fans, I really believe the WWE is doing the right thing for business right now by making these WWE & World Championship reigns seem just as important as they should be. Hats off to the WWE for making long title reigns cool again and proving that wrestling fans will still enjoy or tune-in to your product no matter how long the title reign may be. It’s about time the WWE & World Championships were held to such a high standard and looked upon as the greatest achievements in all of professional wrestling.

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  1. Great job, and Amen. It is about time they quit doing hot potato with the danged title. I just wish though that my beloved Edge had gotten one of these long reigns while people like Orton ( 6 months), Kane (5 months ? WHY), Cena (forever), JBL (1 year WHY?), HHH (1 year.). Edge: 3 months. Longest reign. WHY? Answer: idiots in creative.


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