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Dean Ambrose Says Battleground Bait and Switch Was Best for Business

Dean Ambrose is taking the wrestling world by storm. While the WWE have made it clear that he isn’t their chosen one, fans disagree. Those same fans were upset with the bait and switch on his match with Rollins at Battleground but according to Ambrose, it was best for business.

[adinserter block=”1″]Ambrose in an interesting spot right now after breaking the Shield a few weeks ago. Ambrose losing to Randy Orton on RAW a couple of weeks ago was a clear indication of where the company sees him today. Yet keen ears and watchful eyes see the beginning of a new movement with Ambrose, likely to challenge Roman Reigns for his impending “chosen one” spot in the near future.

There wasn’t much to look forward at Battleground, other than Ambrose vs. Rollins. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, with the WWE pulling a bait and switch in a big match for the first time in several years on a paid event. Fans left Battleground irate yet according to Ambrose, it was part of a bigger plan.

“You never know what you’re going to see, card subject to change always. There are some fans that may have been a little disappointed, but I think in the long run nobody will really remember it as much as a negative as they might have instantly thought they would. That night definitely upped the intensity of the rivalry between me and Seth Rollins. If anything, even though there was a lot of craziness in me getting kicked out of the building, and fans never got to see the match, but one of the things I take away from it is that at the beginning of the night they wanted to see the match. But they weren’t all that vocal, and they didn’t really realize how much they wanted to see it, but when they realized they weren’t going to get it, the whole place started chanting: ‘Let them fight.’ Then the whole place realized just how much they wanted to see it. I think the way it worked out shone a bigger spotlight on me and Seth and our rivalry, than if we had just gone out there and wrestled, personally.”

I see his point and it certainly did add anticipation to their first encounter, likely at SummerSlam. Yet using the “card subject to change” excuse is lame and quite frankly a dangerous justification. I don’t think Ambrose or any of the top WWE stars need to remind fans about the “card subject to change” tagline. Do fans really need to be concerned about the match they are paying to watch isn’t going to happen? I think that kind of angle is perfectly reasonable for a free TV event. Unless someone is hurt, there is no excuse for that on a paid show. Quite frankly it’s tantamount to fraud.

Ambrose also talked about his transition to a singles wrestler. I never like the idea of a guy wrestling in street clothes. I think you need something a little more eccentric when you are on a WWE stage. Ambrose takes full credit for his swag and according to him, has a lot of free reign with his character development.

“So far, I’ve pretty much been left to my own devices, honestly, since The Shield kind of abruptly broke up. But being left to my own devices has actually been quite refreshing. To be perfectly honest, it’s kind of a good feeling to have that feeling of freedom and not having to worry about anybody else. Right now, I can kind of do whatever I want in the ring or on the mic. I mean, not [completely] anything I want, but more than I could before, because if I’ve got 2 minutes to talk, now I have 2 minutes to talk. It’s not like okay, well, I’ve got to worry about what these other two guys are going to say. I’ve got it all to myself, which is nice.”

[adinserter block=”2″]Finally, Ambrose receives praise almost weekly for his promos. I think it is hard to argue that his promos are separating him from the competition. Other than Paul Heyman, I don’t think there is anyone better right now. The comparisons to Roddy Piper have merit and recently Ambrose got a chance to study Piper up close and had some interesting takeaways.

“When it comes to having a live mic in your hand, it’s a much different world today than it was in the 80’s. If Roddy Piper had a live mic in his hand in the 80’s, it was on. He could say whatever he wanted, there were no real restrictions. It was up to him to take you on the ride. Now it’s different, you’ll get a certain amount of time, you’ll get something put in front of you. There’s some ways you can stretch it and spin it, it’s just about making it feel like it’s your own. The thing is as time goes on, the company [gains] more trust in you to twist it your own certain way. They’re not just going to send anybody out there with a live mic and say: ‘Can I just wing it? Is that cool?’ You’re not going to get that. So watching Roddy Piper do the whole Piper’s Pit thing, he had a certain vision of how it was going to do, the interview part of it, which I think was a little bit different than their vision was. So [I got to see] him kind work within the context, and make something his own, and go through his process.
[I saw the way] his head worked, and [how he would] kind of [be] reading something, and thinking about it, and then he came up to me talking about it. [He was] giving me something to play off of, and seeing how I would react, and [then] throwing something back. Backstage feeding each other stuff and doing some kind of Inside the Actors Studio stuff with Roddy Piper was really cool, getting to see him go through his process. [I got to see] how he puts things into his brain, and how they come out on the other side. It was pretty cool, because he’s the master. Being on live TV on a live mic against Roddy Piper, who could go off the rails and throw you a crazy curveball at any moment, it’s like going up against a Cy Young Award winner, or boxing Muhammad Ali. You’re in there with the best, and there’s no bigger adrenaline high than that.”

Check out the entire interview over at alternativenation.net where Ambrose discusses a lot of music, new talent signings, and traveling with Roman Reigns.

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  1. How many times am I gonna read “best for business” in a headline on this blogsite Lol. The WWE usnt the only one who needs to step it up.

  2. This was not best for business, and here is why. It was the biggest match of the PPV, and one of the main selling points of the Network, is access to all the great PPV shows. WWE needs to have really outstanding PPVs if they want people to perceive the Network as worth the money, and pulling stunts like this will not only make people feel like the Network isn’t worth it, but that the PPVs in general are not worth it. This hurts everyone.

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