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Dean Ambrose Talks Shield Breakup and More

Dean Ambrose is at a crossroads in his WWE career. Now that he is on his own, there are only two ways his career can go and according to a confident Ambrose, his trajectory is moving upwards.

[adinserter block=”1″]I recently questioned the booking of Ambrose in a blog here on the CCB. I was concerned after the first few weeks that Ambrose may be the odd man out. Within a week he has been added to a Money in the Bank match, a match some are predicting he could win. Whether it is the start of the ascension or a missed opportunity is something we won’t know until Sunday.

Ambrose is doing media to promote the event and was asked flat out in an interview with whether or not he is worried about being the odd man out. According to Ambrose, while it may be a rocky climb, he is confident that his journey will end at the top.

With Reigns being booked as WWE’s next big star and Rollins aligned with Triple H, are you worried at all about getting lost in the shuffle like so many other superstars are lately?


Pretty confident, huh?

I’ve got confidence for miles and miles every day I wake up. If you know anything about me or anything about my history, if I’m backed into a corner, I will put my head down and swing and bite and scratch and crawl and throw punches until my arms fall off. I get where I want to go whether anyone likes it or not. I’ve made a career and life out of proving people wrong and making people eat their words. I get where I want to go and get what I want. It’s not always a typical storybook because it’s Dean Ambrose – it’s not going to be. It might get ugly and might not always be the prettiest. I might have some scratches and bruises, but I’m going to get to where I want. You know, it can be really easy to listen to people. I’m a guy – I don’t listen to things or to the little things that is. The gossip or comments of public perception. All that matters is the crowd. I know who I am and I know what I do and I know how hard I’ve worked to get here. You never know which way the road is going to turn. I think the top guys wake up every day in the morning and look at themselves and say, “I’m a top guy, I’m a world beater, and no one’s going to stop me from getting what I want.” I do the same and I feel the same and have for a long time.

If confidence constituted your spot on the card, Ambrose would be headlining MITB on Sunday. Confidence is a weird thing to carry in a WWE locker room. You are damned if you do and you are damned if you don’t depending upon who you are. Hopefully in Ambrose’s case it will work for him rather than against him.

Ambrose was asked about the big angle in which Rollins turned on the Shield. Did Ambrose think it was well done? You bet he does.

You never know what’s going to happen on Monday Night RAW. You always got to to tune in because anything can happen and the same things goes for us when we show up each Monday night. You never know what’s lurking around the corner or what twist they’re going to throw your way. The cool thing is The Shield never started going on the downslide. We went out at our absolute apex with a clean sweep of Evolution, one of the most decorated and dominate stables of all time. The cool thing to take away is that we did go out on a high point whereas other groups don’t and I take a lot of pride in that. We’re all still three of the best performers in the company and are still always going to carry that mindset and that work ethic and be that symbol of excellence. That becomes part of your psyche and you want to go out there every night, bust your ass, put on the best show possible, and refuse to be out-done by anyone. You’re still going to see that from us. You won’t see us working together in the classic Shield way, but all three of us with all of our egos and aspirations and desire are still going to be on your TV making our way up top. It’s an exciting time for the fans.

[adinserter block=”2″]He makes a great point about the turn. The turn came while the Shield was hot, arguably hotter than ever in the WWE. While some may argue that as a reason not to turn them, Ambrose thinks that will work for them. I tend to agree.

Ambrose goes on in the interview to talk about prepping for Money in the Bank, his love of professional wrestling, who he is closest with in the locker room and more. Check out the entire read over at

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