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Dean Ambrose Should Be Headlining WWE WrestleMania 32

By design or pure luck, the WWE have stepped into something they weren’t prepared to handle. The resurrection of Dean Ambrose has many fans excited for Roadblock at the expense of WrestleMania.

How could Vince McMahon and the WWE in 2016 allow a B-event, a non-paid event like Roadblock to generate more excitement than WrestleMania? It’s unfathomable, yet that is exactly what has happened. Maybe it is a surprise to some, but others have seen this coming for almost two years now.

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I certainly wasn’t the only one, but when the Shield broke up, I wrote several blogs questioning the WWE’s choice of anointing Roman Reigns as the chosen one. I watched and enjoyed the Shield like most of you, and I thought it was pretty clear that Dean Ambrose was the star of the show. Now that said, I would never have predicted the rise of Seth Rollins, but I think most objective observers would have concluded that while Reigns had something, Ambrose had “it.”

Ambrose’s potential became even more evident during his run at the top in a feud against Seth Rollins. It was during the time where Reigns had to sit out with an injury that Ambrose took full advantage of his opportunity. There was something about Ambrose that eluded most WWE superstars. Maybe it was an authenticity? Maybe it was a blue collar attitude? Maybe it was his crazy persona, but something was connecting with the fans…all the while Reigns was not.

Unfortunately, none of that mattered as Ambrose was slotted by the company as an upper mid-card star at best. Ambrose was never going to be world champion nor would he be positioned as a real threat. He was an attraction to the CEO, not the attraction. No matter how much they beat this man down, his charisma only grew, similar to Daniel Bryan but not quite to that extent.

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Here we are almost a full year after Roman Reigns was poised to be the guy. The Reigns’ experiment is a dismal failure while Ambrose has arguably never been hotter. Not only is Ambrose hotter, but his growth has been purely organic up to this point. Now fully involved in the top-level of the card, Ambrose has sent a stern message to the WWE. You booked the wrong WrestleMania 32 main-event.

I am sure in the WWE’s minds when Ambrose vs. HHH was booked, it was meant to be nothing more than glorified squash match to showcase Triple H. Instead, the company has themselves one of the hottest feuds since Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority. Do you abandon plans and go with the hot hand or do you stick to your plans in the face of fan backlash? It’s certainly an unenviable position to be in this close to WrestleMania, yet for some odd reason, the company put itself there.

This isn’t a message of anyone but Roman. It’s a clear signal from the fan base that the company is going with the wrong guy. Will the WWE seize the moment and ride Ambrose into the WrestleMania main-event? I doubt it, but it would certainly be fun if they did.

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