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Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns: A Major Heel Turn Will to Happen at WWE Survivor Series

Our favorite brothers-in-arms have kept our attention all summer long, battling it out with a new and stronger Wyatt Family. Ambrose came to Reigns’ side, adding to the Reigns/Wyatt feud when his nemesis Luke Harper inserted himself into the intense feud at the Battleground PPV.

However this feud started and ended with Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt. And now, Reigns is slated to take on former Shield member Seth Rollins at Survivor Series for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. That has to be leaving Ambrose feeling some type of way. He lost out on an opportunity to compete for a chance at the Championship due to his match with Randy Orton being pulled several days before.

There had been talks of a heel turn with Ambrose all summer long. The speculation had been huge among fans, who want to see a new direction in Ambrose. Even though it seemed that Ambrose was placed in matches, sharing the spotlight with others, I’d say he did pretty well. Nobody was complaining when he was one of the challengers for the Championship at Payback.

And Ambrose has all the reasons to be the bad guy. Ambrose always prides himself on being the best. However he hasn’t gotten anywhere. In addition to what I have mentioned earlier, I haven’t forgotten that Reigns was mostly MIA when Ambrose feuded with Rollins over the Shield break up. Ambrose could factor in all of this in his reasoning, and say Reigns only cares about himself. He could echo a majority of the WWE Universe’s complaint of why does Reigns get so many chances at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

When Ambrose and Reigns conversed backstage on the October 26th edition of Raw, Ambrose’s words were rather cryptic, taking the talk of a heel turn to sky high limits. It’s in the air more than ever: something huge will happen with the best friends at Survivor Series.

And when it happens in the A-Town, it may or may not be well received. Considering that Survivor Series will draw the hardcore fan to Atlanta, if Ambrose does turn heel against Reigns, he will most likely be cheered. Ambrose is very popular with the WWE Universe, even rivaling John Cena in terms of merchandise sales towards the end of 2014. Ambrose has unwavering support and that speaks volumes considering his storyline placement this year. Ironically, Dean Ambrose has that fan support Roman Reigns needs.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room since I brought up fan support: since the Shield split up the favor has been more in Ambrose and Rollins’ corner more than Reigns. It’s no secret Reigns has had a rough year in terms of winning the fans over, due to getting that WrestleMania push that fans feel the other two deserved more. Reigns may have won some fans’ respect, but not all of the fans were won over.

While all eyes are on Ambrose to turn, who’s to say if it could be Roman Reigns who turns heel in Atlanta? Think about it. The Samoan Superman is loved in Atlanta, as he played college football there with Georgia Tech. He will be more favored at Survivor Series versus WrestleMania.

A scenario for you: Ambrose could inadvertently cause Reigns the loss in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match on November 22nd. Reigns could lose his temper and take it all out on Ambrose after the match. Especially because he lost in Atlanta, it would add to his embarrassment that he just can’t win the big one.

After attacking the fans’ darling Dean Ambrose, imagine Reigns coming out on Raw the next night and voice his frustration. He may complain that the good guy never wins in the end. He could really stick it to the WWE Universe, saying along the lines how fans are ungrateful and never happy though he gave his all for them. Drop the “the fans can chant whatever they want” line. Tell us how you really feel.

Essentially for either man, a heel turn can work for the better in terms of story and character direction.

Of course there are much more scenarios out there that can be played out should it even happen. Reigns could win the Championship and heel out the next day. If Ambrose is the one to turn, he better make sure everyone in the building hates him before he drops the mic. But one thing is for sure, we all know somebody is turning on his best friend, and the bromance is over. I better get my break up playlist ready.

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