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Dean Ambrose Is The WWE Star We Will Be Talking About

[adinserter block=”1″]First they were talking about Ambrose. Then they were talking about Reigns. Then Rollins happened. Now Reigns is in the works. But somehow when will be said and done, we would be talking about Ambrose (i.e, if we haven’t already!)

WWE is pushing Reigns hard. And the fans are loving it. But is it really Reigns that they are excited about? Or is it merely a new face that they are reacting to?

Reigns hasn’t done anything to really earn the momentum he is enjoying right now. WWE is pushing him and so he is in the mix of things. Otherwise he’s a new age Big Daddy Cool Diesel – bodyguard material.

A lot of people lamented about Reigns not walking away with the gold from Battleground PPV. I think Reigns’s fans should be happy that he just saved his career by not winning the gold.

Reigns is not a guy who can hold on his own. Like a lot of superstars, he is someone who thrives on his opponents. A great opponent and he will look good. A weak opponent and the crowd won’t give a damn.

Had Reigns won the title, Rollins would have cashed in and Reigns would have had a feud with Rollins for a few months. After that? Bray Wyatt? Wyatt himself isn’t ready.

I’m not saying people won’t like these feuds. But they aren’t main event; yet.

Right now it looks like Reigns is headed for a feud with Orton. Good. Let him work his way up. For heaven knows he has a long way to go.

Now for Rollins. Being a heel, he’s in a better place. But then that suitcase looks like more of a curse than a boon.

The only two guys who literally cashed it in were Edge and Punk. Edge had Cena (younger and relevant) and Punk had Hardy.

Who is Rollins going to cash it in on? Cena again? Lesnar? Then what? Feud with Cena? Feud with Lesnar? That would be the end of Rollins. Cause no one’s going over Cena, brother!

This is really where a title like Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship can come into play. Guys like Rollins and Reigns can do a lot with that title hanging in balance. But well…!

Right now Rollin’s best bet is to continue his feud with Ambrose. Cause right now Ambrose is getting hot.

Just go back to last week’s RAW’s opening segment where Ambrose interrupted Cena and Reigns. It looked like Ambrose was talking down Cena and Reigns. It looked like Ambrose was a bigger man. It looked like Ambrose was above petty championship squabbles. It looked like Ambrose was there just to kick ass.

Or look at his matches. I mean who on the roster can create genuine energy in a match against Randy Orton? He may not be winning a lot of matches. But he’s coming across as a guy who can beat you – all shoulders being equal. There is this manic energy about Ambrose that is infectious – a more palatable and realistic Warrior and Savage combine. Nothing cartoonish there. Nothing family-friendly there. Just bad ass!

And in all this one thing is becoming clear. He can hold on his own. He doesn’t need a particular opponent to look good in the ring. He can have a match against anybody and get the crowd to pay attention and money. He has that energy and ring presence No wonder, Ambrose vs Rollins was the most anticipated match at Battleground.

[adinserter block=”2″]Right now Ambrose is not in the title picture. And that is great news. Let him feud with the top heels of the company till he finds his true place in the roster; till he understands his own character better; till he proves what he really can do when he gets the strap.

Right now Ambrose is coming across the one man hound of justice. Authority, Rollins – they are all the same to him. Seek and destroy!

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