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Dean Ambrose Brings Cautious Optimism from Hopeful Fans

Dean Ambrose had what must be considered one of the best nights of his singles career to this point on the September 29 edition of Monday Night Raw. Ambrose appeared on camera several times as he continued his war against Seth Rollins and The Authority. And as Ambrose wreaked havoc on Raw, the fact is that fans all over the world surely began to realize that they were seeing the most entertaining part of the program.

[adinserter block=”1″]Dean brought it and he brought it from the moment Raw went on the air to the moment it went off. Ambrose proved once again that he is WWE’s best hope for the future. All of that sounded good, right? There’s nothing like some good old fashioned optimism when it comes to Vince McMahon’s company; the fact is we don’t really have all that much anymore, do we?

Truth be told, we have so little confidence in WWE that my opening paragraphs may seem too good to be true. You’re probably waiting for the punch line right now, aren’t you? Well, keep waiting.

There’s no joke here. Ambrose is over and the fact is its working. Everything he’s doing is working. And it really always has. He was already shining in The Shield but he was often overshadowed by Roman Reigns. But fans never forgot about him. In fact, they could not stop watching him. There is just something about Dean Ambrose that fans are absolutely attracted to.

That attraction is likely to his dangerous side, which is on display every time he’s on camera. It has become his calling card, the personality trait he is known for. Ambrose knows no fear and has no concern for his own well being. He will dive headfirst into any situation and he will do it with the knowledge that he may not make it out in one piece.

Dean Ambrose would not only jump on the grenade, he was the guy that threw it in the first place.

In fact, his dangerous side is matched only by the insanity that drives him in every storyline he has ever found himself in. Dean’s inner lunatic escapes on a daily basis and it dares fans to question the entire notion of what a top guy in the company can be. Ambrose is not the typical protagonist, far from it. He is not the man with the great heart who is loyal to his friends; right now he has no friends. Dean is the villain that did not die but instead lived long enough to see himself become the hero.

And that hero is currently threatening to take over WWE.

Ambrose is so good at what he does that he only needs a camera pointed at him and he will take care of the rest. All of the prep and all of the production value in the world does not enhance Dean’s ability to entertain; the fact is he doesn’t need any of that. He is a natural on the mic and in the ring and he does it all with an evilness in his eyes that fans are drawn to.

Of course, his maturation from The Shield’s wildcard to a top player in the company is one that cannot happen overnight. And right now, that is exactly what fans want. They believe that he can just step right in, make an impact and take the reigns of the company from John Cena.

Come on, you want to see that don’t you?

However, history has taught us that nothing comes easy in WWE. If you want that spot, you have to work hard to earn it. It takes time and it takes a willingness by everyone involved to stay the course and see it through to fruition. Dean has plenty of time. He’s only 28 and has at least 10 or more years in front of him.

The question then becomes what about WWE’s willingness to commit to Dean, to see it through to the end? That part becomes a bit tricky.

The reason for that is because of Roman Reigns. Many fans feel that he is the one meant to one day take the mantle of leadership from John, the one that will carry WWE forward. He is believed by fans to be the heir apparent, the next top guy. The fact that he’s on the shelf with an injury may slow him down for the moment but the truth is that if a plan is in place to get him to the next level, then it will surely continue when he returns.

When that happens, Dean could find himself in the role of the number two top Superstar, the Roddy Piper to Roman’s Hulk Hogan.

[adinserter block=”2″]Or maybe the better comparison would be Ambrose as the Stone Cold to Roman’s Rock. That would be a much more ideal scenario, as they could trade the top spot in the company and wage incredible battles for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It would also be a better scenario for Ambrose personally, as he deserves the opportunity to flex his muscles and compete at a very high level.

Fans have just begun to graze the surface of what Dean is capable of and there is so much more underneath. See? There is reason to be optimistic after all.

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