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Dean Ambrose Should Beat Brock Lesnar For The WWE Title

[adinserter block=”1″]I try not to jump on the bandwagon but this Dean Ambrose bandwagon is rolling full steam ahead. The last few weeks have convinced me of one thing. The Lunatic Fringe is the guy who should beat Brock Lesnar.

It was never meant to be this way. A few weeks ago when Randy Orton pinned Dean Ambrose the message was clear. His push was going to be capped. There were no future plans for Ambrose other than a series against Seth Rollins and a nice spot in the mid-card. He wasn’t at Orton’s level, he wasn’t at Rollins’ level, he wasn’t close to Reigns, and he certainly was not in Lesnar’s league. That has all changed.

Ambrose is the breath of fresh air this company has been searching for the last few years. The rotation of guys in and out of the mid-top spots has been disappointing and uninspiring. Even CM Punk’s breakout year in 2011 wasn’t enough to earn him the WWE top spot. Ambrose has a chance of snagging that spot sooner than you can imagine.

This guy has it all. If not for Paul Heyman coming out of retirement and cutting some of the best promos of the last two decades, Ambrose would be the top promo in the business. Hey, there is nothing wrong with taking a backseat to Paul Heyman on promos. The fact is that this guy is so much better than the rest of the guys on the roster it’s scary. His delivery, his content, and his aura are top money in my opinion.

Ambrose has something that many others before him couldn’t quite achieve. He has superstar charisma. This guy is electric the second he walks out on the ramp. Ambrose could talk, walk, or wrestle and he is must-see television the second he appears. Fans are warming up to him and he is quickly becoming one of the most popular guys on the roster. All he needs is that opportunity and he’ll run with it. Enter Brock Lesnar.

The booking of Brock Lesnar in 2014 is the best investment the WWE has made in years. The investment in Lesnar’s unbeatable run is that the guy who conquers the beast is going to be a legend overnight. The man who slays the dragon will have the kingdom at his feet. The wrestler to beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE world championship will have a push like no other the second his hand is raised with the belt. Ambrose deserves and should get that push.

Ambrose’s character sets up a great scenario to beat Lesnar. Sure Lesnar is unbeatable in the ring but has he ever wrestled someone as crazy as Ambrose? Ambrose gets the match and uses every dirty trick and foreign object he can to tear down the giant Lesnar. Eventually the unconventional Ambrose’s madness is just too much for even an animal like Lesnar and he catches Brock off-guard. You can’t tell me that Ambrose wouldn’t come out of that with the potential to be the next flagship star of the WWE?

[adinserter block=”2″]Maybe it’s pie in the sky because the likelihood of this happening today probably isn’t very good. The plan is clear and it’s Roman Reigns. Unfortunately Reigns is a victim of timing and he just happens to be ready at the same time the fans are gravitating to Ambrose. The irony is that Ambrose goes against the grain in regards to how the company sees its top stars while Reigns is cut out of a WWE mold. It just goes to show you that what the fans want and the company want are rarely in sync.

Ambrose will be leaving for a while to film a movie. I can’t imagine Brock losing the title before Ambrose returns. Imagine the pop and the potential Ambrose could have as a mystery opponent after disappearing for weeks and beating Lesnar on his first night back? It could be huge and the WWE are fools not to consider it.

Sorry Roman but Dean Ambrose is just best for business.

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  1. This would be awesome. It could easily open up the Ambrose vs Rollins feud even more! Ambrose is the main reason I still watch Raw.

  2. This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Yes, Ambrose….all 200 lbs of him, beats the man that beat the freaking Phenom!?!?! Beats the man that destroyed Cena!?!?! What are smoking man?? That would make Ambrose BETTER than both the Undetaker AND Cena! It takes more than charisma and good promos to think you deserve to beat a freaking former UFC heavy weight champ. Man get the heck outta here with that nonsense!

    • I’m sorry, but you are actually the one spewing nonsense. If you’re arguing purely by weight factor, then Kurt Angle (240 lbs) and Eddie Guerrero (220 lbs – LESS than Ambrose) should have never defeated Lesnar. Now I know ‘well Kurt Angle is Kurt Angle’, but this is purely to shoot down your stupid weight issue. It’s a Vinnie Mac stereotype that ‘Big Man = Business’. Don’t be Vince. You don’t want to be Vince.

      But you’re missing the intention of the writer here. What constitutes a superstar takes multiple considerations. And whoever defeats Brock Lesnar (unless they’re stupid and put the belt back on Cena at NOC) gets a MASSIVE rub and a huge opportunity. Clearly Roman Reigns is WWE’s pick, but what about the fans? Dean Ambrose is a smaller guy. He’s an unconventional WWE wrestler. And he’s on fire at the moment. The crowd have loved, and do love him. He’s a great wrestler in his own right. He has the added benefit of being a fanastic mic worker. And he is the Lunatic Fringe.

      Now, just on a side note, I think taking him out at this time to do a movie was really poor thinking and timing, as he could’ve been built up more, but let’s brush that aside for now. But here’s the thing. Dean Ambrose is popular. You build him up some more, and similarly, keep Brock Lesnar on his path of destruction. Eventually the two get in each other’s crosshairs. FIRSTLY? A feud that includes both Dean Ambrose and Paul Heyman? The promos would be ridiculously entertaining. And the crowd would eat it up. Booked smartly, the angle would gain a lot of steam into the PPV.

      The actual match? As I said, he is the Lunatic Fringe. Make him fight, Make him wrestle. Make him also take a beating and LAUGH. Make Brock Lesnar confused and shocked (it’s a taste of his own medicine after all). And hell, even if Ambrose uses all the dirty tactics, it also fits his character and allows Brock Lesnar to retain a bit of credibility (if you can’t swallow a clean win).

      You create a new main eventer. Dean Ambrose CAN deliver if he’s given the damn ball to run with. Roman Reigns does not need the Lesnar rub. WWE is determined to make him a main event guy – so he will BE a main event guy. Shock the WWE audience for once, while at the same time giving them what they want. And make the Lesnar storyline worth it. Give the rub to someone who can truly benefit from it and create gold from it.

    • Funny you say this, because actually Undertaker specifically asked to work with Dean Ambrose because out of all the young guys he really likes him. So perhaps it would be poetic justice for Ambrose to defeat Lesnar.
      Personally I think you´re right. Ambrose should´t beat Brock. He does not need that, but he needs to be one of the guys who faces Brock. Lunatic Vs Beast

      If I were booking I would have them have a match at Elimination Chamber. Make the story interesting. If Dean Ambrose looses to Brock, he´s taken to an Insane Asylum. The authority and Seth Rollins are trying to get him back for defeating Seth, so they put him up against the beast. The idea of this match is it´s supposed to be a public execution of everyones favorite anti-hero and match stipulation extreme rules and The authority and Roman are band from ring side.

      weeks of promos showing Brock Training and dean´s CZW death matches, while Dean and Heyman verbally spar.

      Night of Match – The idea of this match is to put over Dean as a badass and Lesnar as a heartless heel mercenary. Dean gets beat down, but just keeps coming back, laughing in Lesnars face, he won´t stay down. Even Lesnar becomes shocked. It´s´just absolutely brutal. Dean gets in some offense with chairs, ring bells, Kendos etc, but nothing will put this terminator away. Finally Dean is defeated, he´s taken away by nurses, still smiling, while Lesnar is standing physically shook as if he just faced a ghost. he does not understand how this tough kid is still smiling as he’s stretchered out.

      Enter Roman Reigns who wants revenge for his friends public humiliation.

      The next Raws show little segments of a female psychiatrist with Dean going into his life and the guy is batshit crazy.

      finally the week before wrestle mania, we discover Dean Ambrose has escaped the hospital.

      The vengeance match between Roman and Brock is set. Roman wants a no DQ match and won´t take no for an answer.

      Fight night. Roman is standing toe to toe with the beast at first until Lesnar hits him with a chair. F5 ON TO table outside. A vicious beating. Then suddenly out of nowhere when the ref is dazed Roman hits a superman punch. The Authority see this and make there way down and interrupt the match. They have Roman pinned down shouting “You´ll never be champion. Never.” Ambrose music hits. He comes down the ramp with the smitten female psychiatrist and chairs. Takes out the Authority, Paul herman and gives The Beast a few licks, but the beast gets the better of him, hoists him up for an F5. Spear. Spear. Roman hits a few chair shots on Brock, then as Brock gets up again, another spear. 1.2.3 Roman the new champion. We have made two stars in this feud. Everyone comes out smelling like roses. Roman is the man, Dean a close second. Roman is not just shoved down our throats and is given a sympathetic storyline.

      Dean is better off now being THE MAN. He will be our generations MACHO MAN and Roman The HULK HOGAN. They can share the spotlight and end up in a baby face vs baby face feud. I think Dean can afford to lose, it actually helps his character as long as he comes out looking like one tough son of a bitch at the end. But hey, it´s never gonna happen.

  3. If he comes back in time for HIAC and he and Ambrose faceoff in that cell..and they duplicate the excitement of the first two matches…and he gets the victory…I dont think anything is gonna be able to stop his momentum. Here’s hoping he gets that same genius marketing Stone Cold got.

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