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Daybreak Season 2- Cancelled or Renewed?

Daybreak is a post-apocalyptic drama television series produced by Brad Peyton as well as Aron Eli Coleite, inspired by the Brian Ralph comic book. It was launched on October 24, 2021, and earned remarkable popularity because of its well-written plot and witty character.

Whether Daybreak was a favorite of yours, and you’re questioning if there is more of it, your search ends here. Here’s what we know thus far regarding Daybreak Season 2’s renewal as well as other developments.

Daybreak Plot

Days after the end of civilization, a Canadian teenager named Josh Wheeler is searching for his long-lost British lover Sam Dean in the wasteland that is Glendale, California, in search of a new beginning.

Among them is a group of outcasts. On the other hand, Josh’s high school nemesis, Wesley, is currently a nonviolent samurai-wannabe.

There are Mad Max-style gangsters, adults who have become zombie-like monsters dubbed as Ghoulies, as well as the mysterious Baron Triumph. Josh has to fight for his life. The show’s compelling plot adds a lot of suspense to it.

Daybreak Is Officially Cancelled By Netflix

Let’s go right to the topic right now. In December 2019, Netflix officially canceled the program “Daybreak,” which aired its first season.

After the show’s cancellation, co-creator Aron Coleite took to Twitter to convey the news.

“Daybreak will not be coming back for season 2,” we learned last week. Our apologies for not getting this information to you sooner, but we’re also appreciative for the time spent with you throughout the previous several live-tweet sessions,” reads the message.

“Thank you for picking up what we put down, for running with it in all of your amazing, weird, monstrous ways, and for being such an important part of this show and our experience making it.”  “No one is as heartbroken as we are that we can’t share more of this ride with you. But we’re so grateful to have gotten to bring it this far.”

As of writing, no official reason for the show’s cancellation has been given.

Fans’ Reaction On The Cancellation Of ‘Daybreak’

The discontinuation of the series is obviously upsetting to those who were invested in the series. Look at the comments on the page linked below; there are virtual screams for a second season. Sadly, this is not going to be the case.

We had no idea a show this good could be axed following only one year.

As previously stated, the show’s demise was met with disappointment by fans. To save the series, they started a petition. Over 38,000 individuals have signed it, which is a huge number. Consider what’s shown in the picture below.

‘Daybreak is an outstanding program with a fantastic ensemble and a huge fandom,’ states the petition page for Season 2 extension. What occurred in Season 1 has left many fans eager to find out.’

For now, we know that there would be no additional seasons. Nevertheless, if any magic occurs, we’ll keep you informed. For now, stick with us.



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