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Dave Batista Wants One More WWE Run

Batista wants to return to the WWEDave Batista recently broke his silence on the Wrestling Observer Radio podcast. The former WWE champion said that he is interested in one more run with the WWE and an official retirement match. Get the spotlight ready!

The interview with Batista is fantastic. Batista more or less covers his careers, controversies, and updates the fans on his career post-WWE. You do need to be a subscriber to the Wrestling Observer site to hear the interview, but the $10.99 monthly price is well worth it in my opinion.

[adinserter block=”2″]I won’t go through the entire interview but there were a few things Batista said that stuck out to me. The most newsworthy would be Batista’s desires for one more run with the WWE. Batista told Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez that he would like to go back one more time and do an official retirement match. Big Dave is 42 years old so if he is going to return for one more run I’d expect him back for WrestleMania 28.

The talk about one more run came at the end of the interview. It was ironic because Batista criticized the current direction of the WWE in the beginning of the interview. Batista is not a fan of the PG rating, which he says is a big reason why he left the WWE. He said that he couldn’t be himself in a PG environment. He also cited his classic Hell in the Cell match as a match that could never take place with the current restrictions. It was pretty interesting to hear someone like him echo the same sentiments as older WWE fans.

So what would you do with Batista if he came back for WrestleMania 28? That is an interesting question. A rematch with John Cena is out of the question since Cena is booked against The Rock. Triple H and the Undertaker are the only other options. I don’t think that a Hunter vs. Undertaker match at WrestleMania is as much a given as some people think. Maybe the WWE does the match earlier at SummerSlam, Survivor Series, or even the Royal Rumble and you put one of those two against Batista? Mason Ryan is too green for that big of a match. It really is an interesting question if you start to ponder it.

One of the other highlights of the interview was when Batista talked about his final run, the John Cena feud. In my opinion, Batista’s character during that feud was one of the best heels I had seen in wrestling in years. I couldn’t get enough of it. Batista credits that success to more or less having nothing to lose. Batista says that he was always paranoid about losing his job. He said that he gave notice before the feud with Cena started and for the first time during his run had no issues with job security and thinks that gave him the edge with the character. He also says that the interviews were his own and he only had bullet points. He said that if he was given scripted promos that he would have performed them like scripted promos. He also mentions that Vince McMahon got very angry with him initially for one of the promos.

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The discussion about his negotiations with Strikeforce were also pretty interesting. Batista said that they were very close to a deal but were just haggling over pay per view points. He said that he became frustrated because Scott Coker kept going back and forth on the points. He said that they originally wanted him to come in and fight Bobby Lashley, but changed their minds when Lashley lost to Chadd Griggs. He also felt that negotiations died the day Zuffa purchased Strikeforce.

[adinserter block=”1″]Finally, they talked a bit about the Batista vs. Triple H feud and why it worked so well. Batista credited Triple H with the booking and said that the WWE creative team wanted Hunter and Batista to wrestle the next week after their initial angle. Batista said it was Hunter who put his foot down and fought to keep them separated until WrestleMania. Hey, maybe the guy will actually be a breath of fresh air when he takes over for Vince?

It was a great interview and for subscribers, the interview will remain in the Observer archives indefinitely if you miss out on it. Batista talks a lot more about favorite and least favorite matches, opponents, his crazy outfits, his acting career, criticism of OVW, his MMA background, breaking into wrestling, Mason Ryan, and a lot more. Listen to the entire interview here.

Batista’s new MMA school will have a grand opening this Saturday in Tampa, Florida at 6333 N. Dale Mabry Highway. Batista, Gracie and Nick Diaz will be signing autographs at the gym from 4pm until 8pm on Saturday.

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  1. Batista VS Orton, Batista VS Ryan if Ryan can get his act together, and maybe even Batista VS Daniel Bryan would all be pretty cool.

  2. UNDERTAKER and BATISTA @ mania 28 would be perfect for both of them – they would both get what they want – Taker would retire 20 – 0 and Batista would get his retirement match – not that I want to see Mark go anywhere but even I hae to admit his body can't take much more – at least I'll have 20 plus years of memories ( I've known him since his days in WCCW with my VonErich's ) and can say that I've seen him do it all – even as a bouncer at a bar back home in Dallas


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