Danny Briere Could Wear The Philadelphia Flyers C Next


Danny BriereWith the blockbuster moves this off-season for the Philadelphia Flyers, it showed their Captain Mike Richards getting moved to the L.A. Kings, and Jeff Carter being moved to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Now one of two questions looming over this off-season is who will fill the role as Captain.

Most people feel that Chris Pronger is in the hunt to wear the “C”. Two other names that have been brought up as well are Kimmo Timonen and Daniel Briere. All three men are great leaders, and have worn the “C” in previous ventures in other cities. Who would be the best fit for the present, and the future of the team is something that the Flyers Brass has to take into account.

[adinserter block=”2″] I think the general feeling amongst Philly fans, is that Chris Pronger will get it. Personally, I feel that is the wrong decision. In the last couple years, his overall performance has started to diminish, and his health. The same can be said arguably against Timonen. Please do not take these as shots against both men; I think they are the two best defensemen that we have on the team. How much longer can Pronger really go at the top level? Two more years, maybe 3 at the most? Like I said the top level. Same for Timonen.

These are two possible Hall of Famers, and two of the men that have helped carry this team to the Playoffs with the lack of a steady goalie over the past two years. Another man that was brought into the picture to help along that process was Daniel Briere. Not until two post seasons ago, did Briere really live up to the hype. He has been healthy over the last year for the most part, and he has put up the numbers that he is being paid top dollar for. I think he has a longer shelve life compared to Pronger and Timonen, and I honestly feel he would better fit the Flyers to wear the “C”.

There will be other arguments stating other, and I wouldn’t be upset with any of these three men getting the honor. I am also sure that other people could bring up stats on Briere, and question his consistency. They may be right, but with the youth the Flyers have at forward, who is going to help them the most? Briere has helped Giroux along so much since his call up to the NHL, and now with James van Riemsdyk emerging as a possible top line winger, who can argue the importance to a veteran taking the lead with this team? Also in the background is top prospects Brayden Schenn and Sean Couturier.

[adinserter block=”1″]What do all these forwards have in common with Daniel Briere, with the exception of JVR? Size! These guys are smaller forwards in the NHL, and Daniel Briere has made his living being one also. It all comes down to Chairman Ed Snider and General Manager Paul Holmgren making that final decision for what they feel is the best move forward for this team.

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