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Daniel Bryan’s Career In Serious Jeopardy

Pro wrestling’s Cinderella story of 2014 may not have a happy ending. A recent reports suggests that Daniel Bryan will miss an extended amount of time due to surgery. Even worse, Bryan’s absence could be indefinite.

[adinserter block=”1″]Dave Meltzer broke the story in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer. Meltzer has been right out front in recent months with Bryan reports and updated. Meltzer’s latest update is a big punch in the gut to Bryan fans that were holding out hope for a miracle. According to Meltzer, Bryan’s future is in major question.

“We were told there is no timetable for his return nor a guarantee he will return. There have been reports that he’s going to get Tommy John surgery, an elbow procedure common among baseball pitchers, which has a long recovery time. WWE officially has been quiet about his situation publicly but wrestlers have talked about him needing major elbow surgery.”

That is just devastating news. According to Meltzer on a past podcast, Bryan could have had surgery months ago. Doctors told Bryan he should hold out and give therapy a try before opting for surgery. The therapy didn’t work and Bryan will now have to have surgery. The kicker to this is that if Bryan would have had surgery months ago as he originally intended, he would be back in plenty of time for WrestleMania, if he could return.

I can’t remember many other wrestlers in Bryan’s spot who finally ascended to the top and faced a career-ending injury just as he started his push. Magnum TA would probably be the closes comparison, although the circumstances are entirely different. Plus, you would have to have had Magnum finally beat Ric Flair to become NWA champion and then suffer his accident in order to give this an accurate comparison.

There is certainly a major void without Bryan. The WWE babyface roster is probably the most shallow it has been in years. John Cena is it with Dean Ambrose now bumped back down to the upper mid-card with his Bray Wyatt feud. Sure there is the Randy Orton turn in the works but that is no answer. The company is counting on Roman Reigns to be the next Cena but Reigns is on the shelf due to an injury as well. CM Punk is gone and not coming back anytime soon. You can’t tell me that the company doesn’t miss Bryan.

It’s a shame because we may never know what could have been. The company gave Bryan the ball at WrestleMania 30, at the expense of Batista who was promised the WWE title upon his return. The working plan all along appeared to be a Brock Lesnar vs. Bryan match at SummerSlam but what would have happened if Bryan remained hot? The Yes Movement was at its peak. I don’t think it is illogical to think that the Yes Movement could have grown and Bryan could have thrived as the top WWE dog.

[adinserter block=”2″]At this point the most important thing is to get Bryan back in the ring. All you can hope at this point is that Bryan can rehabilitate his arm and get back to work at some point next year. The booking will take care of himself and whether Bryan is buried or mismanaged doesn’t make a difference as long as he is back in the ring leading the Yes Movement.

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