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Daniel Bryan should win the WWE Championship at SummerSlam

Daniel Bryan needs to win clean at SummerSlam. It’s just that simple.

There are several reasons as to why Daniel Bryan will win the WWE title at SummerSlam. The first and most important reason is that Bryan by far is THE best thing going in wrestling right now. There’s not a superstar on the roster that’s even close to Bryan at this moment. Second reason is that he is over. The “yes” chant is turning into a revolution close to the “what” and “let’s go Cena, Cena sucks” chant. Bryan can have amazing matches with anybody and I mean anybody on the roster. This is exactly what I feel like the WWE needs in a top guy. He is the common man, people can relate to him. He’s an average guy, not huge and not larger than life. He’s small both strength and height, he gives those fellow wresters of that size hope as well. He works hard, makes others look good and knows who he is and doesn’t plan on changing for anyone.

[adinserter block=”1″]A third reason is the untapped potential with Daniel Bryan as Champion. He could feud with Punk, Orton, The Wyatt’s, Kane, The Shield, Ziggler, Cesaro, etc. John Cena has feuded with almost every one of these names. Daniel Bryan has with Punk, Orton and Kane, but never over the WWE Championship. It’s so fresh and as I explained before Bryan will make sure these matches are entertaining. Recently we went through three PPV matches in a row between Ryback and Cena. Everyone hated these matches because the end result was predictable. There wasn’t anyone who thought that Ryback had a chance to win. Daniel Bryan and Ryback would be predictable as well but at least the matches would entertain those who watch them. That’s the key difference between John Cena and Daniel Bryan. There is so much potential for Bryan with any of those names that Cena could only reach.

Fourth reason is that Daniel Bryan needs to walk out with the title as well. Think back to how they handle CM Punk when he was the hottest property in professional wrestling. They had to deal with a sure fire cash in from Del Rio. So they had Del Rio cash in at SummerSlam and it messed up the whole title picture. Punk beat Cena, Del Rio beat Punk, Cena beat Del Rio, then Del Rio beat Cena, then finally Punk beat Del Rio. That was three months that were wasted because they had to deal with Del Rio cashing in his Money in the Bank. So the only way they can escape this from happening again is if Orton does cash in then he loses or the WWE intends to have him hold the title for more than just a week or so. How funny would it be if we get what we expect with Randy Orton cashing in on Bryan after the match but Bryan beats him as well.

Fifth reason is that Cena can’t wrestle forever. I think Daniel Bryan should win clean either by submission or a clean pin, no schoolboy rollup or some other cheap win. Cena then should stand up and shake his hand, maybe hand him the title as well. No heel turn from Cena, no cash in, just the passing of the torch. Bryan needs to win the WWE Championship and a very long title reign. I don’t think we should see another 434 day reign similar to Punk but he doesn’t need that. I think a six or seven month title reign would benefit everyone.

The last reason is that Bryan winning the Championship doesn’t only benefit him. The biggest of those would be The Miz and Wade Barrett. The Miz was Bryan’s pro on the first season of NXT. It would naturally eat at the Miz that the once “most must see WWE Champion of all time” has now been passed by his rookie. The Miz needs a heel turn immediately and the night after Bryan wins at SummerSlam, the WWE could have the Miz attack Bryan during a celebration thus turning him heel and plugging the Miz right back into the main event scene.

Wade Barrett was the leader of the Original Nexus and the winner of season one of NXT. He was supposed to be the breakout star of this group, much like Bryan is becoming. It doesn’t take a creative genius to write out a storyline between these two. Wade Barrett needs and wants Daniel Bryan to win more than Bryan himself. There is potential for a couple dream matches such as Bryan vs. Punk, Bryan vs. Cesaro and Bryan vs. Ambrose. Have Daniel Bryan win at SummerSlam and hold it until WrestleMania season and at that point they could decide if he was a success or not.

[adinserter block=”2″]Bottom line, Bryan needs to win at SummerSlam this year. If he loses to Cena, all his momentum could easily run out of steam. I can’t see a scenario that would save Bryan’s character if he loses his title match against Cena. For everyone’s sake, I’m hoping for a long Daniel Bryan title reign. I don’t want to see them mess this up the way they did in 2011 with Punk. It’s Bryan’s time. They should strike while the iron is hot. Overall I can see Bryan winning and Orton cashing in instantly. This would be very similar to when Orton took Christian’s title away from him after less than a week . They could also have Cena win as usual, I would not be surprised by this at all.

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