Inside The Wheelhouse: Does the WWE think Daniel Bryan is NXT? (Part 2)


Daniel BryanI just got done watching WWE NXT and it appears the question I once asked here on has been answered on whether or not the WWE thinks Daniel Bryan is ‘NXT.’ As we saw on this week’s edition of WWE NXT the answer is no as Daniel Bryan, the odds on favorite to win WWE NXT prior to it ever starting has been eliminated. He has been eliminated in burying fashion.

Daniel Bryan’s time on NXT will go down as one with much touted hype, the same hype that actually brought wrestling fans to come watch the new program WWE was touting on the Sy-Fy Network. Most wrestling fans over the age of 18 know who Daniel Bryan is and was on the independent scene in the last ten years, most notably in Ring of Honor. So when he signed with the WWE and then we got the chance to know when he would debut the wrestling fans were pumped.

[adinserter block=”1″]But if I can steal a line from Matt Striker, in WWE’s ‘infectious wisdom’ they have decided to let Daniel Bryan go winless and be eliminated in the first round of eliminations. Two things I never thought I’d see read or write when NXT was developed and the roster was announced. It was shocking that the odds on favorite by most fans would be buried by WWE creative in the competition.

Sure they would put him in good matches with Chris Jericho and the other rookies, but it never transcended to me as a wrestling fan that has watched Daniel Bryan the last couple of years on the independent scene. To me it is and frankly was a waste of time for Daniel Bryan’s character development in the WWE. While I applaud the WWE for using the platform of NXT to build a wrestler we have never heard of, I hate the fact they buried the ‘underground favorite’ that was Daniel Bryan.

The WWE basically ruined what could have been an interesting and entertaining feud throughout the weeks between the Miz and Daniel Bryan. Sure we could have seen a glimpse of a possible future United States title match and we sure thought that’s where they were headed after the first couple of episodes but after that we got really nothing between the two that even matched the first episode interaction. But there has to be some sort of silver lining for the once known American Dragon…right?

In what I can only hope is going to be the saving grace for Daniel Bryan by WWE creative took place after the post-elimination interview on NXT. There Daniel Bryan basically buried the character he portrayed in recent weeks in the WWE, diminishing his name, bashing his losing streak and destroying the character on television. The catalyst of it all was a glimpse of hope into what will actually be the start of the re-emergence of the wrestler we all know and if you’re like me, came to enjoy watching in the ring, ‘The American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson.

[adinserter block=”2″]The WWE teetered on what was scripted and reality on Tuesday night as Bryan Danielson was reborn and basically ending the character the WWE had him portray on Tuesday nights on NXT. Something we truly haven’t seen in wrestling and let alone the WWE in quite sometime. When reality became a storyline, the closest thing to it might be Edge/Matt Hardy feud from 2005. In this case it was what we all have to believe is the start of a new storyline for the now former Daniel Bryan and the always known Bryan Danielson.

Where the WWE will take the now Bryan Danielson the next couple of weeks/months is anyone’s guess. But wrestling fans and especially fans of Danielson have to be happy that we probably will no longer have to call him Daniel Bryan, defending him on blog sites such as this one and remember the wrestler once known as ‘The American Dragon.’ For ‘The American Dragon’ (one would have to assume) is in the WWE now.

Danielson can bash the WWE for trying to make him something he wasn’t. A watered down character of himself, one that had to cater to the WWE style of wrestling rather then what he had known his entire time on the independent scene. The storyline that could come out of this (and I strongly stress could) will be very entertaining, especially for wrestling fans that have hated on the PG rating and miss the ‘realness’ era’s like the attitude era once brought us.

While Daniel Bryan may not be in ‘NXT,’ one has to assume that ‘The American Dragon’ Brian Danielson is without a doubt…Next.

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  1. Yeah I think you're jumping to conclusions. Also this person is an actor…he plays a character Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danielson whichever one he has to play. Do we need to remember that Nathan Fillion isn't actually a Space Cowboy?

  2. If Bryan Danielson goes on to quick success in the WWE, then I like this move. It makes NXT highly unpredictable (seriously, who saw this elimination coming?), and it moves Danielson to where he belongs (the main roster). I hope that this is the case.


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