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Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett and Other WWE Thoughts

The WWE may now be faced with the question that many of us knew would be the elephant in the room – “How does the company begin to book Daniel Bryan as the new WWE World Champion?”

There are less than three weeks until Extreme Rules and the company is having to deal with the suddent death of The Ultimate Warrior, which may have pushed back some of the plans for the WWE to promote a big card with Bryan and possibly Brock Lesnar as the centerpiece.

[adinserter block=”1″]Personally, I am not a fan of Lesnar and Bryan battling for the strap for many reasons, one being that Lesnar’s beating Undertaker at WrestleMania 30 warrants the “Beast” to be anointed as the next great WWE champion, the man who took down the most powerful force in the WWE Universe. The other reason is if Lesnar goes into Extreme Rules without Randy Orton earning a rematch, it proves that Bryan is more of a transitional champion, which would destroy the last 10 months of build for the performer.

At some point, Lesnar should be the company champion with Paul Heyman at his side and Cesaro plotting to unseat his cohort. But a confrontation between Bryan and Lesnar at Extreme Rules does nothing to solidify the importance of the WWE World Title.

Barrett Must Move Forward
Now that Wade Barrett is back in the ring, the WWE must make a move to push the big man toward the top of its food chain. I know we say this over and over again, but Barrett is really a man without a place in this company. His “Bad News Barrett” routine is not a favorite of mine, but he has used the platform to remain partially relevant in the minds of the WWE Universe.

Now that Barrett is in the Intercontinental Title Tournament, it would be a good thing for Barrett to break through and face E. Langston at Extreme Rules. Barrett was a huge success prior to a forearm injury after the 2013 Royal Rumble. He was on the fast track to a title and becoming the biggest heel in the company.

Time may have changed, but Barrett is still a gold mine if the company takes a few steps back and then a few steps forward.

Also, an association with Paul Heyman or a tag team union with Sheamus (should he turn heel) would be the most beneficial to the Brit.

The Kingston Heel Turn
At some point, I hope the WWE can see past his “likability” and finally turn Kofi Kingston heel. The mid card sensation could really be a main event performer if given the chance to show the millions that his look could play well as a more sinister character.

The company must also decide what to do with Ryback, R-Truth, Curtis Axel and Mark Henry. Top shelf wrestlers who have moved down the food chain are still great performers, but they should also be allowed to challenge for a title of some sort.

The United States Title
Dean Ambrose walks around the WWE holding the United States Title as it is a badge of honor, but it means nothing. Ambrose hasn’t defended the belt since the Reagan Administration. If the WWE is bent on making sure The Shield gets over as a face trio, then why not take the idea of a title tournament and apply it to this title? Langston is always on television in a position to wrestle in singles matches and defend his title.

[adinserter block=”2″]The idea of Ambrose, along with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins becoming a serious threat to Evolution is a great concept, but in the end it is damaging a title reign. Either place the strap on someone else or retire it all together.

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