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Daniel Bryan Vs. John Cena Still Reportedly Planned For WWE SummerSlam

[adinserter block=”1″]Daniel Bryan fans can take a deep breath because according to a new report the American Dragon will still be going to WWE SummerSlam. Bryan will reportedly hold his booking against John Cena regardless of the outcome at Money in the Bank.

The report comes from Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer on his post-Money in the Bank podcast report. According to Meltzer the working plan is to continue with Bryan and Cena and save Orton vs. Cena for another time. While I am sure that is good news to many of you who were disappointed in the MITB result, the plan still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

How will they get there? At this point it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to move towards the match, or at least it doesn’t to me. The report indicates that John Cena will ask the fans who they want to receive the title shot on an upcoming Monday Night RAW. The creative team is banking on Bryan getting that vote and thus the match will be made. Meltzer says that this is why Bryan specifically didn’t win the MITB. There is also some speculation that the match will come off of something taped on the Total Divas show (Cena and Bryan date the Bellas).

If only it were that easy to make the Super Bowl matchup?

I am a little surprised. I know that a lot of people were disappointed with Orton winning but I thought it made a lot of sense. I like Bryan a lot don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t working. He isn’t pulling the ratings that are indicative of a guy that is over. Fans on television yelling “YES!” is nice but at the end of the day it is all about putting people in the seats or in front of the television. Bryan hasn’t been able to do either.

That said I don’t blame Bryan at all. As I wrote in my post-Money in the Bank blog on Sunday night, I blame the creative team. They have booked Bryan to look like a goof the last several weeks, playing off the idea that he is even the weak link of a team with Kane and Randy Orton. The wins over The Shield and Orton were great but he needed more. In addition this whole muddied up babyface situation the last few weeks has painted Bryan as something of a heel if you really step back and look at it. The bottom line here is they needed to do a better job to get him ready and they didn’t.

I don’t doubt Meltzer’s report at all but what I do question is whether Meltzer is being worked here. Meltzer also reported several weeks ago that Bryan was going to wrestle John Cena at Money in the Bank. Whether plans changed or Meltzer was swerved is something I’ll certainly never know. It wouldn’t shock me at all for Bryan not to get the shot due to a change of plans. Meltzer wouldn’t be wrong but at the end of the day you just never know what kind of changes this company will make before they go live on RAW.

[adinserter block=”2″]I thought the idea of Orton getting the shot and winning would have been a better plan with the caveat of Bryan challenging Orton in the fall. Bryan scored a big win over Orton and they could have played off of that win to launch a championship program. It still wouldn’t shock me to see it happen but as it looks today, Bryan is going to Los Angeles and Orton will be cashing in at another time.

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  1. Maybe they (Bryan & Orton) have a match for the MITB case and Bryan wins it from Orton. Setting up the Bryan v. Cena match.

  2. Wait? Bryan doesn't bring ratings? Neither does Orton or Cena? so clearly your reasoning is flawed, especially when Bryan has never been on top. The truth is this, If Bryan is the champ, main eventing raw every week and the main focus of storylines and in the next 3-6 months the ratings actually DIP, then you can accurately say he's not a draw, if they maintain, you can say he's a moderate draw, if they rise, you can say he's a successful draw.

    You can't be choosy and say…"well raw ratings have been crap, never mind that cena is the champ and a major part of the show, never mind he's feuding with Henry or the mcmahons are all over the product, Daniel Bryan is a big part of the show and he's not making the ratings go up at all…hence he's not drawing". It's flawed reasoning made by people who don't now how this business works.

    • Got to agree with this. Punk, Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Henry, etc. all don't pull in ratings consistently (Cena does heave and haw, believe this or not), so its not a deal breaker. Simply put, DBD does make money in merch. and has pull with the live crowds. That will translate in time, depending if the 'E keeps pushing him or not.


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