Daniel Bryan Talks WWE Politics and Whether He Is A Draw


If you thought being a Daniel Bryan fan was frustrating, how about being Daniel Bryan? The WWE superstar recently opened up about the politics in the WWE in one of the most fascinating interviews you’ll ever hear with a current WWE star.

[adinserter block=”1″]The big question in 2013 was whether Daniel Bryan was a draw. I argued this topic many times on social media and in blogs here on the site. Bryan is not oblivious to this argument as he lives the frustrations of this debate every day he laces up the boots. Maybe we can end the argument today because according to Bryan himself, he is not a draw.

Bryan recently sat down for a revealing interview with WGRD radio to promote the WWE where the topic turned into the promoting or lack thereof Daniel Bryan. The host asked Bryan about the debate and the perception that the company doesn’t believe in him. Daniel Bryan confirmed this saying that the WWE indeed don’t believe he is a draw.

Is Bryan a draw? Bryan by his own admission doesn’t feel that he is a draw right now. There is a catch. Bryan feels he isn’t a draw the way he is currently booked. Bryan feels that any comparisons to Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin are unfounded because they were booked much differently. Bryan feels that there is just no way that someone like him could get over as a draw under this 50/50 booking.

Bingo! People seem to misunderstand when I argue that Bryan isn’t a draw that I am not a Bryan fan. I am a fan, a big fan of his work. Some of my best calls as an announcer were calling his matches in Ring of Honor and the independents so I want to see him succeed. That said, he is not a draw and that is no fault of his own. He is not booked to be a draw and perception is reality. The perception is that he isn’t at that elite level and until creative change that, Bryan will just be a guy with a great chant.

The argument has always been that his chants are over. They are and I don’t argue that. Yet as a draw he doesn’t cut it. All you need to do is look at the numbers. The numbers don’t lie. He doesn’t bring in any extra eyes when he is on RAW and he doesn’t bring in extra buys to the pay per view events. Now granted nobody other than Brock Lesnar and The Rock have done this consistently in recent years yet Bryan just doesn’t draw the eyes or the people to the shows.

Before people jump to conclusions about Bryan getting heat with the office, think about this. What he is saying while true is exactly the storyline that has been scripted for him since August. Is he breaking kayfabe or is he just putting a real spin on a current storyline? I don’t hear anything said in this interview that should land him in hot water. As a matter of a fact it only furthers his storyline.

[adinserter block=”2″]Bryan says that the WWE don’t believe he can be a top guy. If they don’t believe it, he won’t be. They write the shows and they could easily experiment and give Bryan a strong push to confirm this hypothesis of theirs. Maybe with the new network they will take a chance? The booking is bound to be different now that there won’t be pressures to draw buyrates on the B-shows. Quite honestly they could push anyone in that top spot and it wouldn’t matter. Maybe they do take a serious shot on Bryan but it would appear that guys like Big E and Roman Reigns are going to get that spot before Bryan.

Bret Hart said in his book that you can’t hold down talent. I believe that to a point. They will never be able to hold down Daniel Bryan but as long as they have the power of the pencil, he’ll be as over as they want him to be.

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