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Daniel Bryan Talks Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels, & More

Daniel BryanDaniel Bryan is not only one of the most fascinating wrestlers to watch in the ring, he is fascinating to listen to outside of the ring. The WWE superstar sat down for a very revealing interview talking Shawn Michaels, his goals, road stories, and more.

[adinserter block=”2″]The interview comes courtesy of Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 FM. I think what stands out most of the entire interview is just how nice of a guy Daniel Bryan. He comes across as a very genuine guy with very little arrogance or resistance. I called a handful of Bryan’s matches on the independents and in the few times I have met him, I found him to be the exact same guy you see in this interview. Needless to say, this interview probably won’t do a whole lot for his heel WWE persona.

Here are some of the highlights although I’d highly recommend taking the 23:18 and watching it in its entirety.

Bryan talks about giving Dean Malenko $500 to train him just before Malenko’s school closed. It would appear that Bryan lost that money according to the tone of the response. Ironically Dean is a WWE agent today so in a roundabout way, Malenko taught Bryan after all. In a not so roundabout way, he stole his $500. It should also be pointed out that Malenko took this money from Bryan when Daniel was a sophomore in high school. Bryan also goes on to say that Malenko was his hero growing up. Stay classy Dean!

Bryan talks about working at McDonalds in high school which is a bit ironic since Bryan today lives a vegan lifestyle.

Bryan says that when he started wrestling that he never thought he would make it to the WWE. He says that his ultimate goal when he broke into pro wrestling business was to become a big star in Japan. He said when it didn’t work out financially in Japan that he decided to try his luck with the WWE.

“I can be like Dean Malenko, I can’t be like The Rock.”

[adinserter block=”1″]Bryan talks about how his vegan lifestyle may have worked against him early on in the WWE. Bryan tells a funny story about his first night in NXT. He recalls that after his match with Chris Jericho that Jericho went to the back and said “we could use this guy.” Vince McMahon responded with, “Who is going to buy a guy that doesn’t even eat meat?” Bryan, “He was absolutely disgusted.”

This is a fun interview and a real candid look at (in my opinion) the best wrestler in the world, Daniel Bryan. Thanks to for the tip!

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