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Daniel Bryan Should Not Win The WWE Championship At SummerSlam

Daniel Bryan is less than a week away from challenging John Cena at WWE SummerSlam. The hype throughout the social media world would lead you to believe that this is the time for Bryan to go over. I say not so fast.

[adinserter block=”1″]This is probably going to come off as a very unpopular opinion but I just ask that you finish the blog before you tell me how much of an idiot I am. Daniel Bryan is hot, red hot right now, and there is no question about it. Bryan’s fans are circling the wagons and practically demanding that their bearded hero win the WWE championship in Los Angeles. I agree with half of what you want but not at SummerSlam.

Bryan is hot but he’s not as over as you’d think. I have written this here several times and debated it at nauseam on Twitter but the numbers don’t lie. Bryan has continued to be a ratings loser in segments without John Cena on RAW. Those numbers don’t lie. While he may be over with the live crowd the fact is that he isn’t connecting with the casual audience…yet!

The pink elephant in the room at SummerSlam is Randy Orton. Most suspect that Orton will cash in Money in the Bank rematch following the match in Los Angeles. Here is another fact. Orton isn’t cashing in to lose. He is winning whether he is beating Cena or Bryan. I say let him beat Cena and drop it to Bryan later on.

Having Bryan win at SummerSlam would certainly be epic. But is it right for business? Bryan wins at SummerSlam and loses immediately to Orton whether it’s that night, RAW, or Night of Champions? It’s going to happen. Why set him up as a transitional champion when you can wait patiently for him to be the man?

Orton and Bryan already have a history. Bryan has pinned Orton on RAW. There is a real story there as far as WWE championship program goes between these two. The WWE can now take some time and continue to push Bryan just as hard with the fans knowing that he has actually beaten the current champion. There is serious money there if Bryan stays strong and the fans can actually wait a little longer for their payoff.

Step back one second and take a look at this big picture. Cena beats Bryan in a competitive match that should be excellent. Orton beats Cena and Bryan is now set up to challenge Orton. The match is held off until October and somewhere between October and January Bryan wins the title.

Enter John Cena. You now have a ready-to-go feud between Cena and Bryan set up. These guys can either have an epic series which ends right before WrestleMania or maybe, just maybe Bryan is somehow in the championship picture at Mania against Cena or even CM Punk? In other words you have a lot of fun possibilities going into Mania if you stay patient and hold off Bryan’s win.

Sure you can have Bryan beat Cena but you know the loss to Orton is coming and after Orton gets through Bryan he’ll go to Cena and Bryan will take a huge step back down to the mid-card as the next challenger leaps right over him. That is Bryan’s destiny.

The only way Bryan should go over on Sunday is if the WWE is willing to make a full commitment to him as champion, the same way they were committed to Punk. That means beating Randy Orton to retain the title, beating Cena in a rematch, and holding the title through next year. Unfortunately I just don’t see that happening right now and that’s just the reality of the situation.

[adinserter block=”2″]So now that you made it to the end of the blog if you still think I am an idiot for wanting Cena to go over Bryan that’s fine, but at least you gave me the chance to explain myself. What do you think? Should Bryan go over or should we look to the future and save Bryan’s win for later?

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  1. I knew the instant you brought up this topic it would lead to one conclusion: Delay Bryan's title win till Mania. I guess at the end of the day, if a wrestler is not a TV juggernaut, the best they can hope to FINALLY win the fickle over is a Mania World Title victory. Also, is it me, or are you legitimately worried about D-Bry's future? Time and time and time again you repeat the fact that he isn't worthy to be a champion in the eyes of the fickle. It's either fickle or sheep. I think I'll go with the former.

    I don't know what people want anymore so I decided to go to Maddoxslam with an open mind. Whatever happens, happens. If D-Bry ends up losing, it'll at least satisfy the fickle, so they can have their highly anticipated Orton, Cena and Bryan Triple Threat, or something like that.

  2. I disagree entirely, Cena is going to be out having surgery and even if Orton cashes it doesn't automatically mean he'll win. D Bryan is the hottest, most popular guy on the roster not mention the most talented wrestler. Give him a run with the top strap and let's see what he can do.

  3. This match is occurring at the wrong time for these 2 – I would prefer a Cena win and then an Orton cash in. This feud should be picked up at the end of the Totals Divas run with a major cliffhanger involving Cena and Bryan

  4. I agree. If Bryan is just going to lose the title right after by Orton cashing in (worst case) or even a month later in the long term it does nothing for Bryan. It would be an amazing pop, but possibly it could be viewed like Ziggler cashing in the briefcase. People kept wanting it and when it finally happened it was one of those historic crowd reactions. If they plan on giving him a long run, then I would absolutely have him win, as long as it is clean and does not involve any HHH bs.


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