Daniel Bryan Reveals His Money In The Bank Plans


Daniel Bryan Money in the BankThe WWE already have a jump start on WrestleMania 28. The company did something unprecedented when it announced its main event a year early. Now with ten months to go, another main-event has been announced. Well, half of one anyway.

The following is a SmackDown spoiler. If you wish to avoid spoilers, stop reading now. Okay, you have been warned!

The intrigue about Money in the Bank is that the winner can cash in at anytime for a WWE title shot. Winners will stalk their champions over the course of time and pounce at the right opportunity to claim their WWE championship shot. That is why WWE Money in the Bank winners are undefeated against defending WWE champions.

[adinserter block=”2″]Not Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is doing something different. Bryan has put the WWE world heavyweight champion on notice. Bryan will not play the “MITB game” of hunting and striking at the right moment. Nope, Bryan announced his intentions at the WWE Friday Night SmackDown taping, which will air Friday, and revealed exactly when and where he will cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

WrestleMania 28.

That is right. Daniel Bryan told Michael Cole during an interview segment that he will wait and cash in his Money in the Bank contract on April 1 in Miami, FL. Although many have threatened, Bryan would be the first Money in the Bank winner to wait and cash in his opportunity at a WrestleMania. I don’t know who his opponent will be but one thing you can be guaranteed is that you are going to get one hell of a co-main event at WrestleMania 28.

Allow me for a brief second to partake in some gloating. On April 6 I had a little fun and wrote a blog entitled, “Very Early WrestleMania 28 Predictions.” I put together a list of what I thought were the most probable WrestleMania 28 matches for a variety of reasons. Here is what I wrote and predicted back on April 6.

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan…WWE championship. Is it likely? No. Is it possible? Did you think The Miz or Alberto Del Rio would be wrestling in a WWE world title match at WrestleMania one year ago? For a guy that wasn’t even on the broadcast this year it would be a huge leap for Bryan. However, if there is anyone that I think can get himself over during the course of the next year to make this happen it is him.

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I think Randy Orton turning heel is inevitable. I also think that another WWE title run is also inevitable for the Viper. I think the disastrous main-event this year has taught the WWE a lesson and for whatever you think of Vince McMahon, he is not a dumb guy. He saw that he had two guys in his main-event that couldn’t put a good match together to save their lives. He also has to be very aware of the negative backlash coming out of the match with most fans feeling let down due to the weak WWE championship match. If there was ever a year for him to roll the dice with Bryan and guarantee a great main-event, it is next year.

This one is easy to make work. Daniel Bryan wins the Royal Rumble and boom gets the shot. Now Bryan isn’t exactly over as a top babyface right now but that is where Orton comes in. The cookie cutter babyface vs. the dastardly heel works almost every time and you have two of the best playing their respective roles in this one. I certainly wouldn’t look for a WWE title win from Bryan here, but I do expect him to get a big spot on next year’s WrestleMania. It doesn’t get much bigger than this.

Obviously my booking here is off with Bryan winning the Royal Rumble but the idea is exactly the same. Daniel Bryan earns a WWE world heavyweight title shot and blows away the WrestleMania audience with an exciting main-event. Here I thought I was going out on a big limb here because I never expected the WWE to have the guts to do it.

[adinserter block=”1″]I think there are a couple of factors at play here. One, I stand by what I said about The Miz vs. John Cena main-event. I think that Vince McMahon and the WWE team were so upset about the match quality that they made it a personal mission next year to give fans exciting championship matches. Unless Daniel Bryan has the first bad match of his career, it is fairly a given that this kid is going to deliver in the big spot.

Two and I think even more importantly, there is a small revolution at work right now in the WWE. The elevation of CM Punk, the retooling of The Miz as a babyface, Christian getting another championship opportunity, and now Daniel Bryan being elevated into the WrestleMania spotlight aren’t all coincidences. There is obviously an attempt right now to put more of an emphasis on quality and youth over the status quo offered by World Wrestling Entertainment over the last couple of years.

I am excited. I am a big fan as most are who have watched Bryan work outside of the WWE. I think he would be a huge hit as a WWE champion. It is now up to the WWE creative team to keep him strong for ten months and get him over to the point where people believe he can beat the champion and people want to see him beat the champion.

Well, it was a nice thought.

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