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Inside The Wheelhouse: Does the WWE think Daniel Bryan is NXT?

Daniel BryanI have been watching WWE NXT since the start of this entirely new project that the WWE has developed and for the most part I have enjoyed what they have done with the program. It has introduced new wrestlers to us from an entirely different angle and it has given the opportunity to watch new superstars grow over a period of time. With that being said there has been one thing that has stuck out in my mind that bothers me about the show.

Now this is going to be the nit-picky wrestling fan coming out that rests inside all of us wrestling fans. It has to do with the way the WWE has handled Daniel Bryan a.k.a Brian Danielson, one of the most decelerated, if not the decelerated independent wrestler in the last decade. It just boggles my mind how WWE has done everything possible to bury the Daniel Bryan to a group of new wrestling fans.

[adinserter block=”1″]Daniel Bryan has been quite possibly one of the most underground hyped wrestlers to appear on WWE television ever. Now some may argue that there was more fan base surrounding CM Punk’s eventual arrival into the WWE but I tend to disagree due to the way WWE even handle Daniel Bryan coming to the company in the first place. Daniel Bryan was one of the first wrestlers that I can ever remember that wasn’t supposed to cut his teeth learning the “WWE way” in developmental. He was supposed to go straight to the main roster.

But Daniel Bryan himself requested that he head to Florida Championship Wrestling (WWE’s developmental league) to improve his wrestling skills before he was brought up to the main roster to appear on either RAW or Smackdown. To me that takes an impressive amount of humility to even do something like that because if given the opportunity I’m sure a ton of independent wrestlers or wrestlers in developmental wish they had the fast track that Daniel Bryan had for the WWE. Clearly WWE knew that he could be a star and most certainly didn’t need time in developmental to improve after being trained by the likes of Shawn Michaels and William Regal.

WWE knew what they had with Daniel Bryan and some may argue that NXT or at least the first (and possibly only) season of NXT was built around the stage of Daniel Bryan. We certainly were supposed to feel that way after the first episode was built around Daniel Bryan basically and had a dream match of Chris Jericho vs. Daniel Bryan in a decent television match. The stage was set and the wrestling fans that had followed the former Brian Danielson were pumped for what lied ahead for this future superstar.

Then after week after week, the interest in the show dropped for many as the WWE continued to job and bury one of the most decelerated independent superstars of all-time. For me the breaking point was reaching that way as I headed into this week’s WWE NXT show. Then, as you can tell by this blog I’m writing, it finally snapped.

The WWE via Michael Cole’s microphone have been burying Daniel Bryan since the first episode, at first it was a storyline that many internet savvy wrestling fans were interested in…during the first episode. After that, it just became god awful annoying. We get it Michael Cole, you don’t like independent wrestlers, and you don’t like the independent scene. We also don’t like you being the lead announcer for Monday Night Raw but we learn to deal with it.

Then the icing on the burial cake of Daniel Bryan comes at the hands that the guy hasn’t won a single match on the entire show. That’s right he is zero for whatever it is now. Amazing and riveting that they put one of the most hyped wrestlers to come to the WWE in sometime and make him a jobber on a show with guys we have never heard of. What a waste of talent thus far.

Finally the last thing that bothers me about the way the WWE has handled Daniel Bryan throughout the entire season of NXT is the way they have had little to no interaction between The Miz and Daniel Bryan. As I’ve talked about on “The Still Real to Us Show” (www.wheelhouseradio.com) with Eric Gargiulo, they had an entertaining segment that they could do every couple of weeks via their interaction. They got it in the first episode, after that it was non-existent.

[adinserter block=”2″]I would still have to guess that despite all of the burying and jobbing Daniel Bryan has had to do on WWE NXT he is still considered, in all likelyhood the potential winner of the first season. I just don’t see who else they could make the winner of the first season of NXT; it would be ashamed if they wasted Daniel Bryan’s talent only for him to lose in the greater scheme of things. While I have hated the way they have handled Daniel Bryan on NXT, I do have to applaud how they have made wrestlers like Wade Barrett, Heath Slate and Justin Gabriel interesting throughout the span of time the show has had.

I don’t know if WWE wants Daniel Bryan to be “NXT” but I think it’s easy to guess that at least the fans want Daniel Bryan to be the “NXT” star of the WWE. Hopefully WWE has a better plan for Daniel Bryan then we are seeing right now. As every wrestling fan knows, time will tell.

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  1. Yeah you guys are crazy. Michael Cole is doing Gods work by hating on Bryan the whole time. Obviously they're banking on him being the heel announcer on this show and his obsession about Bryan is only making him more and more interesting. Yeah they're having him lose a lot…so what he's on the show more than anyone else, he has more exposure than anyone else. As far as I'm concerned they're doing this absolutely right and building Bryan as slow as possible and trying to show everyone that they're not gonna give him the world even they're totally going to later on. It's a gimic.

    Also "…one of the most decelerated, if not the decelerated independent wrestler in the last decade."

    Did you mean decelerated?

  2. I used to think he was going to win, but I don't see how Bryan can win this now. They aren't even making him competetive in these matches anymore. The match the other night against Tarver was a joke. Bryan is losing matches in like under 2 minutes and his opponents are using very little offense to defeat him. One or two power shots and it's over. That first match against Jericho seems like 100 years ago now.

    Also, I don't think the WWE Universe (god I hate that saying) is seeing things the way that "we" are. We look at this and say, "they're jobbing out Bryan and Michael Cole is a tool for hating on the independents". All the little kids out there who don't know Bryan see him get squashed every week and think Cole is right in what he says, this guy sucks. All the little kids except for my son that is, who is being raised properly. 😉


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