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Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena Targeted For Money in the Bank 2013

Here is some wrestling news we can all get excited about. A new report says that the working main-event for Money in the Bank 2013 is Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena for the WWE championship. Yes, yes, yes!

[adinserter block=”1″]Dave Meltzer broke the story in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer newsletter. Meltzer says that the company absolutely recognizes the reactions Bryan has been getting and sees him as a headliner. Even more surprising and it’s a pleasant one, is how Meltzer reports the match will go down in Philadelphia.

“It’s pretty much a sure thing Bryan will be cheered in that match, given the city, and they are fully aware of that. The impression is they won’t try and make him a heel but that’s certainly something that can change.”

So you have all of the makings of another absolute classic matchup in regards to atmosphere at Money in the Bank should the WWE writing team continue booking in that direction. CM Punk vs. Cena and RVD vs. Cena are two matches that are now legendary due to the face vs. face dynamic and the rooting interest of the hometown crowd. Bryan isn’t from Philadelphia but he is well known in the city for his run in Ring of Honor when ROH anchored in Philly.

I think this is fantastic news and a direction that really excites me. I was just talking about this the other night on my Pro Wrestling Radio podcast but the end of SmackDown with Daniel Bryan hitting the ring and the show ending with the “Yes” chants was an epic moment in my mind. If the WWE couldn’t see it or refuse to capitalize on it, well then I think that would have been a disservice to their fans and stockholders. Hearing that they do recognize it is welcome news.

The match seems a little odd in that there really has been no build to it, nor has Bryan been on any kind of a major singles run as of late. The reasoning for the match according to the match is to try and push Cena into legendary status. Beating The Rock, surviving Ryback, and then having what has potential to be match of the year is the driving factor in making the match.

The timing also surprised me in that you have Bryan on recent weeks pointing out that some see him as the weak link. It looked to me like they were going to go with a Bryan heel turn. I am not sure why they’d do all of that knowing that they need to keep him strong as a believable contender for Cena. Let’s face it and we all love Bryan but the casual fan isn’t going to buy Bryan having a chance to beat Cena. The booking team really needs to give Bryan some strong wins and a better perception to change their minds.

A big part of that is John Cena. If Cena comes out there every week and laughs at Bryan and mocks him as a challenger, this program is dead on arrival. Cena really needs to give the perception to fans that Bryan is good enough to beat him and should be taken seriously as a challenger.

[adinserter block=”2″]Could Bryan’s popularity be enough to outweigh the predictable result? It could. Personally I think Bryan is the best talent pound for pound in the pro wrestling business period. I’d love to see him have a series with Dolph Ziggler for the WWE world title. I think those two guys could have a classic series of matches. Yet none of them will probably compare to the atmosphere Bryan and Cena can create at MITB.

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  1. Great News Eric!! I am taking my son to Money in the Bank for his birthday. We've seen Bryan wrestle before at ROH shows so to see him in the main event against Cena is going to be great, plus the MITB matches as well. We will definitely be behind Bryan during the that match. I can see them setting this up as Bryan trying to prove he's not the weak link. The past few weeks he has been taking on bigger and bigger challenges trying to prove himself. What better way than against SuperCena himself. I think you could definitely build a David vs. Goliath feel to the match, if they do it right.

  2. I cant see how we are supposed to think DB is a real challenge to cena. I love DB but i think this is just another notch in the belt for supercena. They are obviously trying to push cena into “legend” status and (not to switch topics) but have you ever heard a face boo’d like this? I cant remember a guy who was pushed as a face sooooo hard….and gets an entire arena of boo’s about 70% of the shows. Can you guys? Serious discussion, i hate him but im not cena-bashing. Im actually curious.

    • Well there was some guy that I seem to remember. JR kept referring to him as a "blue chipper"…whatever the hell that means. I remember he was shoved down our throats as some kind of super annoying face. Only problem was everyone HATED him to the point they actually wanted him to "die"… Cant remember the midcarders name though… Rocky Melvin or something I think…

  3. Beating Ryback and Daniel Bryan is not going to do anymore to make John Cena a "legend", however you define that, than what they have been doing for the last 8 years.


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