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Daniel Bryan and The Miz Are Must-See WWE TV

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On WWE Smackdown Live this past Tuesday, we saw Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan and former Intercontinental Champion The Miz verbally spar against one another once more on Miz TV. The former WWE Champion told The Miz in so many words that he was not selected to be a part of Team Smackdown at the upcoming Survivor Series in two weeks. Tension escalated with both men taking personal jabs at the other once more.

The Miz has seen a resurrection in his WWE career after the infamous Talking Smack segment between him and Bryan. The tension continues as Survivor Series is coming up and now The Miz joins the list of Superstars that are not on the PPV card. However, being the antagonist to Daniel Bryan gives Miz a role that was once held by the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin (Vince McMahon) and John Cena (Paul Heyman). But in this instance, everyone likes the General Manager while they hate the wrestler. It provides a switch that baits The Miz, which he is excellent at doing as the coward heel.

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It’s no secret that The Miz is doing some of the best work in his WWE career right now. You can’t deny how good he has become with cutting promos. What would be next for The Miz however? Will he stay in the Intercontinental Championship picture or fade into obscurity? There isn’t a chance he will go for the WWE Championship now, not with AJ Styles being the title holder. Maryse’s involvement with Total Divas may perhaps bring on any feud from the show to Smackdown. There are more questions than answers right now when it comes to The Miz’s future. He is doing too well with Bryan right now to be thrown to the back of the line here.

Unfortunately while fans won’t get to see Bryan make it back into a wrestling ring, it could be possible that Bryan could get in a hit or two if he can. It would be cool to see Bryan get some sort of revenge for the verbal low blows of the Miz. And it will most certainly come to that point down the road should tensions escalate further. Which, I think we will see more of. Seeing the two spar verbally has been entertaining, and the passion that is displayed is something that Smackdown and both men benefit from immensely. Moments like what happened on Talking Smack continues to give the blue brand that edge that separates itself from Monday Night Raw.

Could The Miz make an appearance on Survivor Series? Perhaps it may be the case, with other Superstars such as Rusev not on the card as well. The Miz was clearly upset about being left off the card, and that could very well parlay at the show. Time will tell and there is two weeks until the Fall Classic comes around. With the show being four hours, there’s still plenty of space.

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